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Intimacy Issues During Pregnancy?!

A.B. asks from Indianapolis

As much as I hate posting this as an issue, I am at witts end. I am currently six and a half months pregnant with my first child. Other than naseau issues during the...


Am I Expecting Too Much?

N.S. asks from Chicago

My 9-year old SD won't do anything unless someone is standing over her. For example, she gets in the shower and then doesn't do anything unless I'm standing there. She...


How Can I Tell My Cousin Im Pregnant When She JUST Lost a Baby?

C.M. asks from Indianapolis

Ok first things first Thanks to everyone on here! Im new and love it already! Ok, so my request... My cousin is trying to have a baby and finaly got pregnant, but she ...


Pregnancy Afer a Miscarriage

A.L. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, Need a little support here. Last year around this same exact time I found out I was pregnanat. There was some bleeding, the doc did some tests but everythi...


Pregnancy Mood swings...what to Do About It...

L.W. asks from Birmingham

I am 12 weeks pregnant, and have been having HORRIBLE mood swings! If I'm not being a witch, I'm crying! I know that some mood swings are normal..but this is getting...


Memory Loss During Pregnancy

A.K. asks from Dallas

Good morning everyone, really hoping someone can help me w/ this burning question. During pregnancy I started noticing a pattern of forgetfulness,where sticky notes b...


Need Help Telling My Brother & Wife I Am Expecting After They Lost Child?

S.G. asks from Augusta

My brother and his wife had their baby three months early and the baby lived for 1 month about a year earlier my SIL had a miscarriage. Now I am about 3 months pregna...


Tell Me If I Am Pregnant or Not

E.V. asks from Phoenix

My friends just visited me and said that my tummy is bumpy. My breast is actually sore, too. I kinda forget how my pregnancy was like. So I just wanna know. How do w...


Expecting 2Nd Child - Any Good Tips/books to Ease Oldest's Anxiety?

N.B. asks from Albuquerque

I have an almost 3 yr old son who, up until now, was very excited for the arrival of his baby sister. Recently he became extremely attached to me and won't accept his...


Tell My Husband or Not?

A.S. asks from Dallas

My husband and I have two young children but since the first of this year I have lost my first two pregnancies. I had one miscarriage and one ectopic pregnancy that e...