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Seeking Critique of BOB Stroller

J.F. asks from Los Angeles

My husband and I are thinking of getting one of the BOB strollers (we have a great rebate on our credit card), but don't know anyone who actually owns one. If you hav...


She Is Expecting Her 20Th Child?

L.A. asks from Austin

I know that some people believe that GOD gives them babies, But at what point do we or should we say, this is enough? If a mom has had tough pregnancies or births, d...


How to Healthily Distance Yourself from Your Extended Family?

C.A. asks from Chicago

I am happily married with three kids (8, 6, 3). When did you stop going home for the holidays?? how did you decide when your extended family was/is toxic and no longe...


New Pregnancy and Just Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

J.F. asks from Medford

I've learned two life-changing things this week. One, I'm expecting baby number three! Two, I have Celiac disease. From talking to my doctor (a Naturopath) and reading...


The Worst Pregnancy Comment EVER!

K.C. asks from Cleveland

I was at Bob Evans llast night because I didn't feel like cooking dinner, and i went inside to pick up our food. When I was about to leave, this lady was behind me and...


Friends or Family with the Same Baby Name

A.S. asks from Chicago

As my husband and I consider baby names for #3 (we currently have 2 boys), it turns out that a couple of names my husband really likes for both boys and girls are alre...


When to Tell My Sister Her Ex Is Getting Married and Having a Baby

E.W. asks from New York

Ok, so my sister and her ex were divorced about 8 months ago, but were separated for about 6 months prior. This was 100% my sisters choice and fault. Her ex is and was...


Lie to My Daughter or Tell Her Truth, Please Help Me Make Right Decision

J.T. asks from San Francisco

I got divorced with my husband several years ago. During these years, I have talked with my husband that he should make time to see our child. But he never did it. Now...


Need Advice on Double Strollers

S.B. asks from Philadelphia

I have a 13 month old son and am almost 7 months pregnant. I'm looking for some advice on double strollers. I've looked at Phil & Ted's, the BOB, and just saw the Bum...


Expecting and Brothers Don't like Name We Have Picked Out for Their New Brother

D.L. asks from Philadelphia

So now im due any day now and our 2 oldest sons 6 and 3 don't like the name we have picked out for our new and 4th son... Sammy.... ok so it was cute and funny at fi...