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Suggestions for Work for 15 Year Old Boy

A.F. asks from Dallas

I have a family friend, son of a friend's, son living with me right now. He is a nice boy, well behaved and tall. He doesn't have any real experience working. Any r...


Need Place for a 16 Year Old's Party

K.A. asks from Raleigh

Hi Everyone! My son's 16th bday is in February and he'd like to have a big party (why do girls get sweet 16s and not boys??? :) ). He's already trying to plan and ha...


My 16 Year Old Daughter and 'Dating.'

A.W. asks from Dallas

Hello - I've asked questions about my oldest daughter before and I have another one. She started working at a local restaurant a month after she turned 16. She told ...


16 Year Old Moving in to Our House.

S.C. asks from Dallas

Last night I got a text from my 16year old's best friends dad asking if his daughter could stay with us for awhile because they need some space. My daughter and her ha...


16 Year Old Doing Home Work, but Not Handing It In.

M.M. asks from Detroit

I have a 16 yr old niece that moved in with me about 5 months ago. She started out school with all A's and B's, but has since reverted back to her ways when she was li...


Im on a Roller Coaster with My TEEN!

C.R. asks from Dallas

I am a mother of 3 children ages 15, 4, 2. I have always heard to put your seat belt on when your child reaches their teen years.........but no one told me I would be ...


How to Deal with 18YO Teen Issues ...

W.L. asks from Houston

My oldest daughter turned 18 today. She's a senior in high school, taking second year of Cosmetology thru her school, works about 12 hours a week, loves Cosmo and doi...


Am I Nuts? I Am 40 with a Teen and a Tween - and Want Another Baby. Thoughts?

A.S. asks from Boca Raton

Hello Mamas! I recently turned 40 (!) and have two sons - one a teen and one soon-to-be teen. I am married to a great guy. A couple of years ago I tried unsuc...


15 Year Old Son Insecure About His Height

M.P. asks from Detroit

My son is now 15. He is 5ft 3" and 110 pounds so not a big kid. He is self conscious about his height. I've spoken to him about it and explained that boys go throug...


Sexual Behavior Information Found on 17 Year Olds Computer

H.H. asks from Louisville

I have recently found out my 17 year old is having sex from reading her notes on the computer. I am trying not to tell her how I learned of this information because I...