Suicide Threats or Attempts

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Do You Think It's Appropriate for a Therapist to Inform Her 16 Year Old Client

K.J. asks from New York

that he can chose whether or not he wants therapy, medicine or any other medical treatment? Shouldn't that be left to the discretion of the parents and/or doctors? ...


Looking for Some Parenting Advice

K.P. asks from Tucson

Ever feel like all you do is discipline your kids? I feel like I am losing control and just don't know what to do. I have a twelve (going on 18) year old daughter in...


Need Advice 17Yr. Old Son W/ Girlfriend

A.J. asks from Columbus

Hello all, I'm having a very hard time with my 17 year old son, Steven. He's had the same girlfriend, Chasity, for over 2 years!! This in itself, is too much for me, ...


6 Yr Old Punishing Herself

C.S. asks from Cedar Rapids

My daughter is 6 and is very sensitive and gets her feelings hurt easily. Lately when she thinks she is being naughty, even if she is not getting punished for anythin...


Teenage Depression - Any Insight?

S.T. asks from New York

My DD, who is 14, tall, smart and very pretty, suffers - and I mean really suffers - with depression. While she gets along with adults beautifully, and relates wonder...


ADHD With Mood Disorder

T.S. asks from San Francisco

All your responses were so awesome and I really needed to hear about a lot of you. So I don't feel so alone and overwhelmed. Still do. : ) Anyways, not only is my ...


My Teenager May Have Depression

D.C. asks from Los Angeles

Well I dont know where to start, last night my son who's 16years old just brought to my attention that he is depressed he says he dont know why, but he cries at night....



M.B. asks from Macon

I'm looking for information on "cutting". I have a 19 year old son who is cutting and has been doing so off and on for the past 3 years. He has started counseling abo...


Dealing with a Diva

L.K. asks from Las Cruces

I have a little girl (age 4) who is very different then the son I have raised. She is beautiful and smart and a real joy, but more and more she is getting demanding a...


Seeking Moms That Are Caregivers of Child with Brain Injury

M.S. asks from St. Louis

Would like to share experiences with Mom/Caregivers of child with brain injury