Stomach Virus

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Drug Question

E.B. asks from Seattle

So my son has a stomach bug. The doctor sent us home with a script for help settle his tummy. Has anyone used this with kids...he is six. There is ...


The "Real" Flu

K.W. asks from Seattle

Up until the last several years, I always thought the flu was vomiting and diarrhea, and when flu epidemics or swine flu were being discussed, that's what I thought it...


Need Advice Quick If Possible

L.N. asks from New York

Bottom line for me is I am concerned about the number of kids in my kids' classrooms who have gotten sick over the last couple of months (stomach virus-2-3 times, stre...


Fear of Using the Toilet

L.S. asks from Nashville

My six year old son has always been afraid of going #2. He is afraid of the water turning brown and he's afraid it won't go down. While it has backed up before (never ...


Milk Intolerence?

K.K. asks from Chicago

my 3yr old was in the hospital 10-31-07 for 2 days with the stomach virus, it was so awfull. any way ever since then, he has complained about his stomach hurting thro...


Sickness from Overeating

L.F. asks from Monroe

My mother in law let my daughter, 4, eat a whole roll of raw cookie dough. Naturally she got sick. It has been three hours now and she is still vomiting. How long d...


Relief for an Upset Tummy

N.F. asks from Los Angeles

Our son is driving us up the wall. He got a stomach flu bug on Wednesday and while we are sympathetic to his complaints of being in pain, he is starting to wear us do...


Help - 4 Year Old Vomitting 4 Out of Last 6 Days

R.T. asks from Dallas

My 4 year old daughter has been complaining that her stomach hurts for 6 days now. The first day, an M&M seemed to cure her. the second day, she vomitted and was ver...


My Daughter Keeps on Throwing Up

A.B. asks from Minneapolis

This past tuesday evening, my 6 year old daughter woke up at 3 am and threw up. she continued to throw up every 10 minutes for an hour and two more times after that. s...


Is There Anything I Can Do About My 3 Year Old?

L.B. asks from Phoenix

My three year old daughter has caught the flu or some sort of stomach virus. She has been throwing up for two days and isnt able to hold anything down-that is when I c...