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Child Support

L.P. asks from San Diego

My ex-husband has not paid child support for the last 20 months because he quit his job and asked if he could "not pay" until he found another job. I suggested we go ...


Our Daughters Future

M.M. asks from Tallahassee

My husband does not like the idea that our daughter (by previous marriage) got a scholarship to a prestige private college 8 hrs away. My share of the tuition is appro...


College Transfer

A.B. asks from Washington DC

My step-son met his girlfriend over this past summer just before going off to college. This is his first love and now he wants to transfer to the college that his gir...


Child Support Claim for Estranged 18-Year-old

M.G. asks from Chicago

Hello ladies, Long story. I will try to make it short. My husband went through a bitter divorce about 11 years ago. His ex-wife got full custody and he got child su...


Seeking Preschool Policy Advice

C.C. asks from Minneapolis

Hello All, I just wanted to ask other moms out there if this has happened to them and what course of action if any was taken. My daughter goes to a wonderful church ...


My Wife's Family Is Driving Me Insane.

T.F. asks from Washington DC

I had never met most of my wife's family when we got engaged. She has 4 siblings. And they all have large and growing families of there own. Which is great! We had our...


Hurricane Sandy and Daycare

N.W. asks from Philadelphia

Hello mommas! I have a question. We were afffected by last week's Hurricane Sandy, we are all okay thankfully, but my daycare facility was closed for two days. Th...


Budget Spreadsheets

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- Can any of you flip me a link for, or recommend a good personal/ family budget spreadsheet, the kind that crunches numbers for you. Categories which...


"Specific" Parenting Plan in Divorce Decree

M.O. asks from Davenport

I am preparing with my lawyer, the final decree and I WANT to be very specific. My ex and I do try to cooperate with each other when making joint decisions about our c...


Affording Marital Counseling

C.S. asks from Philadelphia

So my husband and I decided we need to start counseling again. We had gone previously about 4(?) years ago for about 3-4 months. I called our medical insurance because...