School Tuition

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Colleg Money/loans

T.M. asks from Lakeland

My daughter starts college next month. She was able to receive a very good scholarship from the college and with the help of financial aid, she is covered for everythi...


Seeking Information onHome School.

E.B. asks from Kansas City

My husband and I are looking into alternatives to public school. One of the options we are considering is home schooling our children. I know many of the reasons not t...


Daughter's Boyfriend Offering to Pay Part of College Expenses

L.L. asks from Lincoln

My daughter just started her college education. Her boyfriend has suggested that she not apply for loans because he can help her pay for her expenses; tuition/books, ...


Dont' Know What to Do

A.R. asks from Omaha

Ok i run a daycare. I have a problem with a mom who does not pay me. Yet she still brings her kids to the daycare. I can't turn them away for a few reasons 1 she never...


Divorce Advice

A.R. asks from Salt Lake City

I am in the process of getting a divorce and I was just wondering if there are any other moms out there that have been divorced and regret not putting something in the...


Cheer Mom Won't Pay for Party

C.M. asks from Chicago

One of the moms of my cheerleaders is so irresponsible. She sends her daughter to class but contunuously forgets to pay for the classes but then gets mad if I make her...


Seeking Grant/scholarship Advice

C.G. asks from Portland

After 13+ years in the workforce, I am quitting my job and going back to school. I start prerequist classes for getting into a nursing program in a couple of weeks. I ...


Pre School in SLC

S.L. asks from Salt Lake City

My daughter turned 4 in January and I'm looking to start her in Pre School for one year before kindergarten. Intellectually, she's very bright, but we've had some beh...


School Documentation

C.B. asks from Dallas

When we first moved here we were required to provide proof that we live in the school district when we enrolled our children in school. A mortgage statement and a uti...


Child Support for Adult Children Is It Possible?

W.K. asks from New York

I have two boys, One is 20 and will be 21 in January the other just turned 19 today. Here is the story: We are moving away and my sons have decided to go live with...