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Help My Child Wont Potty Train!!

L.M. asks from Houston

I have a 3 year old daughter that refuses to go to the bathroom, every once in a while she will go but other than that she wont. Any suggestions to help?


Potty Training

T.P. asks from San Diego

Hi, I am trying to potty train a two and 1/2 year old son. He can go to the potty as long as he does not have a diaper on. He refuses to use the training big boy p...


Potty Training

A.A. asks from Minneapolis

My son who is almost 3 is starting to potty train, he goes pee great in the potty with just a few accidents a week but he does not want to poop in the potty, and now I...


Potty Training

N.J. asks from Dayton

My daughter will be turning 2 this week. I wanted to potty train her when she showed an interest so I bought her potty seat a few months ago and have kept it in the ba...


Potty Training

S.N. asks from Houston

I am requesting some info to help out my sister potty train her almost 4 year old daughter. She is still wearing diapers, and refuses to use the toilet. She will go ...


2 And 1/2 Year Old Little Girl Refuses to Potty Train!

M.B. asks from Atlanta

Anyone else go thru this? I started introducing the potty after my lo got a potty last christmas. We had another little girl in April so i waited until we settled in...


Potty Training

S.P. asks from Phoenix

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to train a three year old? He is ready cause he tells us when has dirty his diaper. I bought a toliet that sits on the floor. W...


Potty Training

M.S. asks from Washington DC

Hi moms! I would like to get started on toilet training our 14.5 month old baby boy. Is it too early? How do I begin? We are starting from absolute scratch. We boug...


Potty Training

T.T. asks from Washington DC

Any advise on potty training my 2 year old? He sits on the potty, but never goes on the potty. He'll even say pee-pee, but after he pee's. I sit him on the potty every...


Potty Time...........

J.B. asks from New York

hi moms, i have been potty training my son since monday and he still tells me no when i ask him if he has to go potty but when i put him on it after a couple of minute...