Recurring Expenses

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How Can We Get Out of This Circle?

S.M. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, I really need help. My husband and I are in serious financial trouble. A couple of months ago, my husband was out of work for a few weeks. He has a job now...


Financial Choices.....I Need Some Savvy Mama's to Advise Me!

M.R. asks from Boston

I was laid off from my job at the beginning of this year and although I went on unemployment, the loss of income was so great that I had to make a choice to pay the ut...


How Do You Manage Money in Your Household?

K.B. asks from Chicago

Managing money within a household is sometimes a magical fete for couples. Not everyone is skilled at managing money and some want nothing to do with this responsibili...


Anyone Use Nase's insurance(Care One PPO)?

N.K. asks from Dallas

Has anyone gotten insurance through NASE? I have a quote from them and their plan is CareOne PPO underwritten by Mega Life. I am about to be self-employed and just t...


What to Pay for Vacation Babysitter

L.S. asks from New York

I'm taking a new babysitter (not our regular nanny) on vacation to the Islands. Obviously, I'm paying all of her expenses, but I need some guidance on what is fair to ...


Life Insurance

J.R. asks from Saginaw

If your main insurance company does not offer life insurance - where did you purchase it through? We are in our mid-30's - if that makes s difference. Thanks


Private Insurance

R.P. asks from Salt Lake City

anyone have private insurance? Do you like it? Why? We currently have insurance through his work but it's $600.00 per month and I'm hoping I can find a better deal. ...


weBecoming A SAHM

C.B. asks from Los Angeles

We both work but I really want to be a SAHM. All my salary cover the daycare expenses, retirement fund, savings, and our medical insurance and expenses. So if I were t...


Looking for Ways to save Money

N.K. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, In this crazy economic environment, what are some things you are doing to save money on groceries, clothes, gas, etc. Please share.


Health Insurance

S.E. asks from Dallas

Hi moms. I'm seeking health insurance for my family. My company just closed down and Cobra payments is just not an option for us. Has anyone had any luck in finding...