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No Insurance for Pregnancy

S.D. asks from Indianapolis

Hi all :) My insurance won't cover my surprise pregnancy so I am looking in to options. Has anyone used the Maternity Card or a program like it? Any other suggestio...


Pregnancy Workout??

S.R. asks from San Antonio

I just found out that baby #3 is on the way, and the recent years have been a struggle to lose the weight from the first and second pregnancies. I'm worried that with...


Hypothyroid in Pregnancy

A.S. asks from Chicago

I'm a tensed to be mom, I am in the 10 week of pregnancy n I started to take meds for low thyroid at 9 week, is it late to start the meds and would it effect the baby...


Depression During Pregnancy

M.G. asks from Boston

Has anyone experienced depression during their pregnancy? My unborn baby's father left 2 months ago and what started as sadness has developed in depression. I am 8 m...


Pregnancy Heartburn

B.R. asks from York

I'm in my third trimester and having way more heartburn than I did with my last pregnancy. I get super-thirsty during the day and it seems like water not only doesn't...


Chiropractor During Pregnancy

J.K. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have a chiropractor they could reccomend in Plano. I have had really painful neck stiffness during this pregnancy and nothing seems to be helping. I was ...


Pregnancy Belt

J.W. asks from Columbus

My Ob has requested a pregnancy belt since I am carrying so low and have had a previous complicated pregnancy. I have gotten the belt and feel that it is helping alot...


Pregnancy, Same Symptoms?

M.H. asks from Lima

I'm wondering for example if you're pregnant more than once & have the "same" symptoms with one like you did the last pregnancy, does that mean the baby is the same se...


"Royal Pregnancy"

B.D. asks from Pittsburgh

So I am reading the paper and the headline is "Rare Illness Complicates British Royal Pregnancy". I read the article and found that the "rare illness" is what they ar...


Nursing Through Pregnancy

A.G. asks from Minneapolis

I have decided to nurse my 14 month old through my pregnancy and I am wondering if other mothers have done the same, and what their expierence was like? I also would ...