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False Positive Test?

C.W. asks from Bloomington

I had a miscarriage on May 7th, since then my husband and I have had unprotected intercourse one time. This was aprox. three weeks ago. I have not had a cycle, no peri...


Wondfo Pregnancy Test, False Positive??

A.C. asks from Seattle

i started taking the mini pill on the 7th of october and missed a couple pills on accident. i havent been feeling very well so i took two wondfo pregnancy tests with m...


Pregnancy Test

S.E. asks from Boston

so this morning i took the ept +/- pregnancy test.. after wating the 2-3minutes i looked at it and saw that the vertical line was definatley there and very blue but i ...


Faint Positive on EPT Test

K.H. asks from Elmira

My husband and I have been try for another baby since January. Had my period on New Years Eve, then I believe I got it again the first weekend in February. My husband ...


Pregnancy Test

R.R. asks from Corpus Christi

Worried that I can't really tell if the test is positive or not - I don't know if the line is too faint or not. Took two, but they each look slightly different. I'm k...


Pregnancy Test

R.W. asks from San Antonio

Is there a pregnancy test that will provide accurate results, without waiting for a missed period? Not sure, if my medication is making me experience common side effec...


Positive Home Test- Negative Blood Test.

R.P. asks from Grand Rapids

Has anyone had a positive home pregnancy test but then have negative blood work? I had 3 positive home tests today and then my doctor did blood work but it came back n...


Is a Very Faint Positive on a Test Still a Positive?

K.H. asks from Reno

My hubs and I stopped ttc last month and I had been feeling weird all week-took a test after breakfast and it had one line. I threw it away after less than a minute a...


Pregnancy Test

A.R. asks from Phoenix

so i got this pregnancy test from walgr.....s its the ept digital walgreens brand, i took the test and it showed me see leaflet.what the hell..i dont know whats the s...


Pregnancy Test

B.R. asks from Allentown

Hello ladies. This is in addition to my last question. So I was due for my period on the 18th. I did not get it. I took a test on the 19th and it was negative. It is n...