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Levels High for Pregnancy Quad Test

K.S. asks from Phoenix

I was wondering if anyone had information on the levels for the Quad Test that is done during pregnancy. My niece is 17 weeks pregnant and just received the results of...


My Prenatal Test Came Positive for down Syndrome with a 1/195 Chance

S.R. asks from Boston

Hi Im in my first trimester and had a screening done for Down Syndrome.I got a call from the doctors office with positive results and 1/195 chance.I have schedule...


High Risk Quad Test Results (Positive) Anyone Else?

G.C. asks from Sarasota

Quad test results 1:50 for D.S. I have been waiting for the amnio test results and they should be here tomorrow. I have been going crazy with worry! Anyone else have...


Real Life "False Positive"?

S.M. asks from Boston

I have to start out by saying that I love having babies. Nothing makes me happier. DS#1 is 4, DS#2 is 2, and DS#3 is 8 mos. old. A couple months ago I started notici...


Day 40 and Still Not Positive for Pregnancy

J.G. asks from Albany

I'm 43 and have one 3 year old child. I got pregnant easily with him and have had no luck since. We did 5 clomid, 3 IUI and 5 IVF cycles over the course of 2 years a...


Preparing for the 3 Hour Glucose Test During Pregnancy...

A.C. asks from Wichita

Hello, Moms! I am expecting baby number 3 in November and recently found out that I did not pass my 1 hour glucose test. My test results show 156, and I believe the ...


Late Cycle but Negative Pregnancy Test

A.R. asks from Washington DC

Hi ladies, I am usually very regular and this month I'm 3 days late. I did take a pregnancy test but it was negative. The only thing different this month is that I hav...


1 POSITIVE And 2 Negative??

K.S. asks from Portland

Hello all!! Saturday i took an EPT preg test at 14 DPO and received a faint but very there POSITIVE. Yesterday and today i took 2 more EPTS and got negatives. i cal...


Tested Positive for down Syndrome

K.L. asks from Orlando

I had my lab work last week for the Quad test, and the Nurse from my Dr's office called me today to tell me I tested positive for down syndrome. After losing it and ta...



P.P. asks from Miami

Hi does anyone knows the color of the uterus when pregnant? I did blood work and urine test and the blood work comes back negative but the urine sticks are positive. ...