Playing with Others

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Play Dates vs Childcare in Indiana

B.M. asks from Indianapolis

what is the difference between having playdates and childcare? 2-6 kids would be here pretty much every day - all day- can this still be called it a playdate, if I a...


Seeking Play Dates

T.N. asks from Tampa

I am new in Safety Harbor and I have a two and a half year old son. I am a stay at home mom, so my son has never really had too many kids to play with. I see him playi...


I Want One of Your Children to Come over and Play(not the Brothers and Sisters)

R.M. asks from San Angelo

I want to start inviting kids from school over to play with mine, but I want make sure the parents understand they can't bring the siblings unless they are staying and...


How Much Do You Play with Your Kids?

M.D. asks from Corpus Christi

Just curious... How much time do you spend "stop what your doing, sit down play time" with your kids? I stay home with my almost 5 year old and we do different thing...


My Sons 7 Year Birth Date on Wednesday. Need Ideas!

T. asks from Birmingham

Hi Ladies, I know that it is such short notice, but my sons birthday is on Wednesday (Oct 7th). I know what he would like for a present and luckily its very do-able. ...


Expiration Date for Car Seats

A.L. asks from Columbus

is there an expiration date on car seats? I have an infant car seat from 1995 and was wondering if I should trash it or if it is still good to use.


Looking for Information on Mom/Toddler Playgroup in Plymouth/Livonia Area

K.K. asks from Detroit

Hello all! I have a very active 3 year old boy and I would love to get him involved with children his own age before he starts school in the fall. He still needs to ...


Wiggly Play Center or Pump It Up??

L.G. asks from Dallas

My son will be turning 4 this summer. I can't decide btw a party at Wiggly Play Center or Pump It Up in N Dallas. I know he wants the Wiggly Play Center but I am afr...


Play Groups for Toddlers in the Southwest Suburbs

J.E. asks from Chicago

I have a 2 year old son and i want him to get use to playing with other children and just having some fun instead of sitting in the house with me everyday being bored ...


Independence Center Play Area?

E.S. asks from Kansas City

Independence Center is a pretty good hike for us, but I'm willing to drive for something new to do. What can anyone tell me about the play area for kids? I've been t...