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Out of Control 4 Year Old

H.S. asks from Phoenix

My 4 year old son don't want to hear anything that we tell him. He fights with everyone even our 10 month old baby . we've tried talking to him taking toys away and no...


Breastfeeding a Newborn with a 4 Year Old in the House

A.R. asks from Longview

Ok, I breastfed our first son and am planning on breastfeeding our next son that is due in October. Our oldest will be 4 in December. I'm just wondering with older boy...


Seeking Truly Fun Baby Shower Games

L.S. asks from Dallas

We are planning my best friend's miracle baby shower. I would love some truly fun and unique ideas as far as games we can play, special memory making activities, etc....


Explaining Breastfeeding to My 4 Year Old Son

C.J. asks from Mobile

Hi Ladies...You are always full of great suggestions, so I was hoping for a little advice or some suggestions. I'm due any day now with my twin girls. I plan to breast...


Looking for a Good Place to Have a Baby Shower

A.A. asks from Tampa

I was wondering if any body could give me some ideas on where to have a baby shower in the St. Pete/ Pinellas Park area. My house is to small do it there and I’m no...


Did You Have a Baby Shower?

T.V. asks from New York

If yes, did you have one for every child you had or just for the first one? Why or why not? I had one for my first child but not for the second. No reason in partic...


Bathing a Baby in the Shower Without a Tub

P.M. asks from San Francisco

This is a question I have for down the road a bit, but I thought I'd gather ideas now... Currently, my husband and I bathe our baby once a week in a baby tub on the ki...


Second Baby Shower with Second Child??????

B.F. asks from New York

I am a mom to an almost 5 year old boy and am expecting a baby girl at the end of October. My son and new daughter will be five years apart. My close friend wants to t...


Mother Driving Me Crazy About Baby Shower

L.T. asks from Chicago

I am hoping you ladies out there can give a a little perspective and advice on how to handle my mother. Perhaps I am being a brat or I am a little too hormonal, but I ...


When Do You Shower and Get Ready? Sahm's

M.. asks from St. Louis

Im just curious. Do you wake up before the kids get up and shower and get yourself ready for the day? I am not liking our schedule. I usually have to wait until my...