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11 Yr. Old Wanted to Play Guitar, but After 1 Month Wants to Quite.

S.S. asks from Minneapolis

It's not only the guitar, but other things, too. Like sports. I feel like he is not motivated. We try to encourage and praise him, but he just wants to give up if s...


When/how to Buy a Pony or Horse

M.B. asks from Houston

My eight year old daughter loves horses and riding. She takes lessons once a week, and I am eager to support her interest in all things equine. I was crazy about horse...


Sports fees...do They Ever Knock the Wind Out of You?

J.B. asks from Boston

More of a vent and some musing than a question. I love that my kids have activities that interest them, I really do, and I love watching them learn new skills, get bet...


Teacher Playing Favorites

J.C. asks from San Francisco

We are struggling with a teacher who is blatantly playing favorites in class. My son is in the 7th grade music program at a new school. It is the band director at the...


How Many Changes of Clothes?

V.M. asks from Erie

So kids went to school in one outfit, came home changed into playclothes, put the school clothes in the laundry (yea kids) got an unexpected call and had to take them ...



J.A. asks from Washington DC

Hello moms! I know by posting this I'm going to open a can of worms but I really need to understand the different sides of this story. My daughter is almost thirteen...


HELP My 3 Year Old Knows Her Abc but Won't Tell You Her Letters

D.J. asks from Denver

My 3 year old has been singing the ABC song for a over a year now, so naturally thinking about pre-k this coming fall my husband and I are trying to get her to recogni...


Schism at Church, Learning a New Language, and Need of Loving Help from You All

L.L. asks from Rochester

Thanks in advance for sticking with me. I'll try to make this brief, but I've not been this upset in a long time. I have been attending my Baptist church since I w...


7 Year Old and Clowning

S.A. asks from Dallas

Why would a 7 year old think he should be the clown in his school, in his extracurricular activities, and basically everywhere?! Why would he think that rules are no...


Stranger Danger

J.M. asks from Pittsburgh

This falls more under the heading of commentary. I have the doubtful distinction of being one of the first Children in Western Pennsylvania to be diagnosed with a lea...