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Too Early to Go on Vacation Without Baby?

C.B. asks from Seattle

My husband and I have an amazing opportunity with his job to visit South Africa. However, it is an adults only trip and our baby will only be 7 months (trip is at the...



M.S. asks from Jackson

We have had a few pets in the past. We had to get rid of one for biting my son in the eye. Most of the pets we had just didn't work out with our family... they just b...


Another Dog Snapping Question from a Different Angle

V.N. asks from Harrisburg

I've been dealing with this for a while now and I don't know how to handle it. My parents bought a german shepard puppy and she is like their baby (I guess to fill th...


Want to Start Planning "No Kids" Vacation, Don't Know Where to Start!

3.B. asks from Cleveland

The last 2 summer we took a family beach trip. WHile they were both great, for the most part it was not very enjoyable at times for me. Last summer the youngest was ab...


NYC Travel Advice

K.B. asks from Boston

I'm traveling to NYC with my hubby and 2 boys (2yo and 4yo) for 3 days; Sat, Sun, Mon, April 14-16. My husband has a gig (musician term for job) in NYC that Sun nite ...


Taking a Vacation Without Your Small Children- How Long Is Too Long?

J.A. asks from St. Louis

My husband and I have travelled to most of the US and some outside. We are starting to save and plan for a 'major' trip that will hopefully take place in about 2 years...


Best Vacation

G.S. asks from Tampa

Hey Moms Questions can any of you share the best vacation ever or the things you did to have soooo much know the time that when you remember you smile and s...


Seeking Airplane Travel Advice!

J.B. asks from Cleveland

We're flying to Atlanta from Cleveland for a family wedding with my two children, ages 4 & 2. This is my first airplane trip with the kids! I'm seeking advice on how t...


Airplane Travel with 15-Month-old

K.P. asks from New York

I have two questions about traveling with my 15-month old on an airplane. We purchased a seat for him on the airplane (he needs the restraint to sit still!) We were ...



R.I. asks from New York

I am 5 weeks pregnant - just found out tonight - I am supposed to fly to Sweden in February - will I still be able to go? I'm also supposed to fly to Florida next mon...