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Stay Married for My Kid?

K.M. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone! I am in moment of my life when I am torn, confused and so afraid. I feel like I am at a cross point in my life and the decision I will make will affect th...


An Unknown Child.... from My Hunsband's Past.... ???

A.P. asks from Portland

I'm very new to Mamasourse and this is the first time i have posted anything... from what i have read so far, this seems to be the perfect place to ask for some help, ...


I Don't Know What to Do....

J.S. asks from Lansing

Okay Moms, I want to know what you would do if you were in my shoes. I am in a sticky situation involving some extended family. How do I go about this to keep the ki...


Young Separated Dad Wants to Know: What Can I Do to Support My Kid's Mother

M.S. asks from Huntington

A long time ago in a galaxy far away, I was 19 and dating this woman who was 27. She was really lovely but just as our relationship was winding down and I was beginnin...


Trying to Decide Whether to Stay at Home or Keep Working

K. asks from Las Vegas

I'm trying to decide whether or not to quit my job and stay at home. I'm 43 (late bloomer!) and mom to a beautiful, smart 6-year-old daughter. I've been working full...


Downsides of Truly Shared, Flexible, Enmeshed Custody?

J.B. asks from Boston

My husband and step-daughter (17) moved to a 2-bedroom apartment a mile from our house earlier this month. My oldest son (17) and our two sons together (11 & 9) are st...


Child Care and Child Support During Visitation

A.A. asks from Tallahassee

I have 2 beautiful daughters who love their father dearly. In February, my ex and I agreed to let him have the girls for 6 weeks over the summer. He asked for this amo...


Have Another Child - or Not?

M.T. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, I'm struggling with the decision to have another child or not. We are in early to mid 40s, with a 17 month old son. We did not get married until late 30s and the...


Gas Money

A.E. asks from New York

My sister and I are close, but she is really cheap. She has a car, but we always take mine to run errands. The problem is, she NEVER offers gas money. I normally woul...


BiPolar Disorder I

I.W. asks from Denver

Anyone else out there living with a partner who has bipolar disorder? I, II, or multi? We have two toddlers. He's unmedicated right now due to our financial situati...