Parents Helping Out

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Credit Help

M.D. asks from Dallas

Hi, I would like to get any advice or suggestions on how to handle credit problems. Unfortunately, my husband was unemployed for several months, of course that too...


Difficulty with Mom / Grandma

M.M. asks from Wichita

I am having an ongoing conflict with my mother. My child has never met my mother due to a distance issue and an ongoing conflict between she and I, she lives 1700 mil...


Selling Items

G.A. asks from Lakeland

My question is, if Ive bought my kids anything that could be sold later on, ex., clothes,cars, should my kids then get the money back from it, especially if mom and da...


Credit! House Vs. Credit Cards

I.G. asks from Sacramento

I am going through a divorce and while married to my ex we had so much debt that it wasn't even funny. However, we tried our best to pay it off and at least during ou...


Unhappily Married

S.P. asks from New York

My husbnad and I have been married for almost 4 years. This is my second marriage and we have 2 children together (i have 2 kids from my first marriage too). Needless ...


College Tuition: Whose Responsibility Is It?

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

I have thoughts on pros and cons of both sides to this, but I'm very curious as to what your thoughts are. * Provided college is the right choice for your child, th...


Your Thoughts on Health Care Reform Possibilities

K.W. asks from Seattle

Okay, if we're getting into politics, I have a subject on which I'd like your opinions. Insurance is something you purchase to protect you from a catastrophic but u...


$10,000 Mortgage Payment Question

A.D. asks from Dallas

I paid $10,000 to the Principal of my mortgage this year (in addition to making the regular $1,000 a month payments) to help pay my house off sooner. My friend says ma...


My Son

S.H. asks from San Francisco

My son is 36 years old and my family always make me feel guilty because I don't want to help him out financially on a constant basis. What can I tell my family?


Paying for the Wedding Costs of an Adult Child

M.V. asks from Washington DC

What costs are expected of you if the child has lived with his fiance for 5 years? Especially when you have expenses you constantly have to borrow from family members ...