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Family Reunion Food

E.T. asks from Dallas

We are having a family reunion this summer in Minnesota and are responsible for dinner one night. We’re thinking of making some pasta dishes, bread and salad but ot...


17 Year Old with ADD? Need to Find a Doctor...

P.C. asks from Dallas

My almost 17 year old son is extremely smart, has been in Gifted/Talented and PreAP classes the entire time he has been in school, but the past two years have been suc...


Mean Girls on the Block

L.B. asks from Chicago

My daughter (age 7, will turn 8 next month) and I moved into a new neighborhood a few months ago. We didn;t meet very many neighbors over the winter, but now that it'...


Summercamp About Cooking and Baking?

I. asks from Dallas

My son is 5 1/2 and loves to cook and bake. Does anybody know if there will be a summercamp program with that theme? Coppell, Valley Ranch, Irving. Thank you!


Military Options for High School Junior

M.M. asks from Detroit

We have agreed as a family that the best option for my 17yo SS is the military. We are looking specifically at the National Guard's split option training program, wher...


Adventure Kids Playcare

K.C. asks from Dallas

I was thinking of enrolling my son in this program at the Plano facility. Do you have any feedback...good, bad, or otherwise. I really need a drop off care place, if...


Art Classes

J.A. asks from Dallas

My daughter loves doing art projects. I, however, am NOT crafty. Any suggestions on where I can take her from some fun projects in the Keller area? She is 4. Thanks!


Must-see Areas in TN?

R.. asks from Chattanooga

I recently moved to Cleveland, TN. I love the area so far, and have already gone to the national forest here, but I was wondering what other things are fun to do in th...


Plano/Allen Fitness Centers W/ 13Yo and 16Yo Accompanying Me

M.S. asks from Dallas

I'm looking to join a fitness center in the Plano-Allen area, and this summer I would have my 13 yo and 16 yo daughters with me. The club websites (like Lifetime fitn...


Youth Soccer League

K.L. asks from Boise

Does anyone know of a Meridian Youth Soccer league? My son will be 4 this summer and I'd love to have him join a soccer team this fall. I seem to keep getting the ru...