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Does Superbowl = New TV in Your House?

B.D. asks from Pittsburgh

Reading the paper this week they stated some absurd number of new televisions that will be purchased to watch the "big" game. Really??? We are still in an economic d...


JFF :Fall TV

B. asks from Augusta

k guys this is JFF What TV series' are you looking forward to coming back this fall? Are there any new series' you are looking forward to trying out this season?


2 Almost 3 Year Old at the Movies?

J.W. asks from Great Falls

So I am taking my son to the movies tonight to see Madagasgar 2. This is a first for us, but I figured he loves animals so I'm doing it. My question is, is there any...


Tics While Watching TV

F.T. asks from San Francisco

I know TV isn't the greatest thing for kids, but my 6 yr old daughter seems to have eye and head bobbing tics only while watching TV. This happens especially later in...


TV Time for My 4Yr Old

J.J. asks from Dallas

Sorry this turned out to be a venting session for a little too long. So I do not watch TV (1. i dont have time, 2. I try to not turn it on 3. i'll fall asle...


Direct TV Issues?

C.R. asks from Kansas City

My husband had the dumb idea to get Direct TV. I can't stand it! Does anyone else have issues with losing signal? We have not had local channels all day but we get cab...


TV Everywhere Question

G.B. asks from Oklahoma City

Simple.... What is it? How do you use it on a computer or tablet? If you have a cable account and are paying the monthly fee can you get the regular cable TV ...


Deciding What, When, Where to Buy a Tv

K.S. asks from Dallas

My husband and I have been talking about getting a large screen tv for over a year now. I decided I would like to buy him one within a couple weeks. I spoke with his ...


TV Without Cable?

A.M. asks from Dallas

We are wanting to get rid of our Uverse (fiberoptic) programming for our tv. We don't want to get cable or satellite either. Just plain 'ol tv like when dh and I wer...


Help to Get Stickers off TV

B.H. asks from Scranton

Have at least 16 stickers on the TV screen, Can anyone give me any idea on how to get them off. Who know what a 4 year old is thinking when he does that. Any ideas w...