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What to Feed 18-Month-old on Vacation?

L.C. asks from Scranton

I need breakfast ideas, primarily. He's never been the type of baby to eat a few cheerios in the morning. He has hot breakfast every day - eggs, french toast, waffles,...


Feeding Baby Food

S.S. asks from Kansas City

Hey- how does everyone warm the baby food when you take it out of the refridgerator? Or do you just give to the baby cold? I mean, when they didn't finish the whole ...


Convection or No Convection

K.A. asks from Dallas

We currently have an electric stove top and built in oven. We want to convert to gas and get a new slide-in range and microwave. I wanted to get opinions on is conve...


Question About Rice Cereal for 4.5 Month Old

K.N. asks from New York

Hello! I just started giving my son rice cereal. I have been mixing it with breast milk,(he didn't like it with just water) but am finding it to be a bit of a pain to ...


Saline Rinse/netti Pot

L.M. asks from Cleveland

i have a feeling this is part one in a series of questions about my laziness and forgetfulness. I find saline rinses very helpful, my problem is, when i am sick an...


How Do You Defrost the Meat for Tonight's Dinner?

❤.M. asks from Los Angeles

Do you put it out the night before or in the morning? Out on the counter? I'm afraid to do that. Do you put it in a warm water bath before you use it (changing out ...


How to Make Popcorn

L.S. asks from Evansville

I just supported our neighbor and bought some boy scout popcorn. My husband and I were thinking if we bought unpopped popcorn we would get "more for our money". so now...


Born Free BPA Free Plastic Bottles

D.T. asks from Tampa

Has anyone used the Born Free BPA free plastic bottles? Do you like them and if you switched after using another bottle, how did your baby take to the switch? Have y...


Lunch Ideas

K.P. asks from Seattle

I want to make my husband something different and tasty for his lunch for work tomorrow. Its our anniversary, and I generally pack him sandwiches in his lunch everyday...


Finger Food Ideas for 2.5 Year Old?

L.Z. asks from Dallas

My daughter attends a Mother's Day Out where there is no refrigerator and no microwave. Twice a week I pack her lunch (using an insulated bag with an ice pack in it) ...