Maintaining the Relationship

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SIL In Bad Relationship.

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

My very beautiful, sweet, loving and wonderfully hearted SIL is with a guy that is breaking her apart. She is 19 and this is the most serious relationship she has been...


Feeling Down..Relationship Advice

L.L. asks from Orlando

Not so much of a "question" per say but I guess I just need some positive support. I posted a question a few weeks ago about jealousy. I've realized it's not so much a...


Relationship Patience Running Thin

L.D. asks from San Francisco

So i have been in a relationship for going on eight years.. and I am at the point of no longer wanting to stay in it.. just some brief history.. my partner sufferers f...


Relationship Advice/ideas Pls Moms!

S.P. asks from Salt Lake City

Okay ladies! HELP! So my Fiance had to leave for over a week on a business trip in Vegas! UGH. We have never been apart like this before. Especially now having a two ...


My Adult Daughter's Relationship with Me.

K.P. asks from Salt Lake City

My oldest daughter who is 36 has had a very close relationship me but she is also very selfcentered and nasty if I do something to upset her. On this go around I asked...


Past Relationship Issues

A.T. asks from Fayetteville

My husband has an ex-girlfriend that he still is in contact with almost on a regular basis. Only when he has access to a computer or a phone, since he is in Afghanista...


Help Mending a Relationship

M.M. asks from Buffalo

My daughter-in-law and i haven't spoken in over a year. To this day i do not know why,i visited her and my son and grandkids and everything was fine we have always bee...


Grandma's Relationship with Child

R.B. asks from Toledo

I have a 4-year-old, only child daughter who is also the only grandchild. She is very attached to my mother and wants "privacy" when visiting with her. In other words,...


Relationship Falling Apart!

B.K. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mammas, I guess it's safe to say i have reached a point of dispair and need some encouraging words. I am a 23 year old mom to my first baby, a 4 month little boy....


Relationship Question... Is This Just Me?!

R.D. asks from Richmond

My boyfriend and I have been together for years, and I consider him my best friend. We have 2 little girls (well, they are mine from a previous relationship but he cla...