Living on their Own

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Daughter and Her Family Living with Us MORE INFO Sorry It Is a Bit Long.

S.M. asks from Bellingham

We have told them come Sept 1 we will be moving from this house we rented last fall in order to accommodate everyone. It has been mentioned several times it that it ...


18-Year Old Living at Home Who Drinks Too Much and Not Obeying Curfew

L.G. asks from San Francisco

Hello Moms, I'm asking you wonderful moms for advice as I value your thoughts very much. I have an 18-year old daughter who lives at home, goes to junior college a...


2 Step "Kids" Living with Me That Seem to Have NO AMBITION Whatsoever.

A.D. asks from Dallas

Hi, I need some advice. I have 2 step "kids" living with me that seem to have NO AMBITION whatsoever. The boy is going to be 20 in July, dropped out of Universit...


Sister Living with Us for Too Long, Need Her Out! Advice Please!

K.*. asks from Los Angeles

We moved back to our hometown 9 months ago, after being gone for 6 years. We're thrilled to be back, big sister is living with us. She lost her great paying ...


Single Mom and I Can't Afford Living in a Good Neighborhood- Any Tips?

V.L. asks from San Antonio

My ex and I separated two years ago. My daughter will be starting school next year and I am panicking because all of the good schools in my city are in neighborhoods ...


Living Will Online?

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

Hi Moms, My husband and I talked about it and think it's best that we get a living will GOD FORBID if something happens to us..... At this time we don't want to do ...


Living Room Furniture

T.B. asks from Philadelphia

After being ripped off by Storehouse, who still owes me $2300, after they filed for bankruptcy after I paid for a furniture order, I am still trying to find a good fur...


Home Schooling and Making a Living

L.H. asks from Austin

I'd really like to homeschool my 5 year old daughter rather than send her to a public school.. and I'm a teacher but would rather not have to work in public schools ei...


Advice for Living in Hotel During Renovations?

E.M. asks from Phoenix

Our house sustained some pretty major water damage a few weeks back. We are getting the boot while the contractor fixes the ceiling, floor, wall, repaints, etc. So w...


Multiple Sclerosis Momma's....What Do You Do for a Living?

T.M. asks from Philadelphia

Hello Momma's! A while back I posted a question regarding Multiple Sclerosis and a few of you responded that you have it. Well now I'm wondering what you strong wome...