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Grandma with 16 Yr. Old Grandson Living with Her

J.B. asks from St. Louis

I have my 16 yr. old grandson living with me due to a situation at his home. I became his court apointed guardian. He could go home now, but wants to stay with me to c...


18 Year Old Still in School Thinks She Is Grown Help

C.G. asks from Atlanta

i wrote about my 18 year old and dont know where the post went.but i need advice from people who have or had an 18 year old . thats still in school she grad.s this yea...


18 Year Old Driving Me Nuts! (Long Vent! LOL)

K.K. asks from Saginaw

my son is driving me crazy! there are ssssoooo many things that I seem to be at the end of my rope with him about and just need to vent. 1.) he doesn't have his d...


18 Year Old Daughter Wants to Move in with Boyfriend

T.E. asks from Los Angeles

Help, my daughter who just turned 18, working and going to college wants to move in with her boyfriend. The boyfriend lives with mom at the grandparents house. I tell...


18Yrs Old Son, Still at Home and in High School

M.G. asks from Des Moines

my oldest son just turned 18yrs old. i was wanting to know any advice on what to tell him about curfew, and home rules ect. do they stay the same? or what? he will be ...


What Is a Fair Time for Your Teen's Guest to Leave Your Home?

R.K. asks from Los Angeles

What is a fair time to have guests over in your home? My 18 yr old has a male friend who comes to visit her at our home. We really like the boy but felt that he was st...


Help with 18 Year Old Son's Clothing Choice

M.L. asks from Minneapolis

I am trying to figure out what to do about a shirt my son recently bought. It is extremely disgusting to me. It has two women on the front of it involved in some sor...


18 Year Old High School Senior - Keeping Them Motivated to Graduate!

T.T. asks from Portland

I have five stepchildren ages 12 to almost 18 and one daughter of my own, age 17. The oldest are twin boys who will be 18 on the 10th of February. They live with my hu...


18 Year Old Step Son Dropped Out of School and No Job - Can We "Kick Him Out"?

V.M. asks from Boston

I will try and keep this as short and on point as possible. The background is that my step son, now 18, has been living with us full time since he was 13 (part time b...


18 Year Old Son Asking to Move to the Bigger Basement Room

K.R. asks from Washington DC

I have an 18 year old son, soon to be 19, who just started college at Montgomery College over the summer. We have two rooms in the basement and the one he is using is ...