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Over Night Prom Party on the Beach

P.S. asks from Houston

My son wants to go to a beach house after prom for an all night party with 15 other boys and girls without any adult supervision. He is being pressured by his girlfri...


20 Yrs Old Daughter. Need Advice.

T.E. asks from New York

My 20 yr old daughter went to live with her Dad at age 12 and back with me at age 15. I didn't know the girl that came back to my home. I have spent the last five yrs ...


Question for Parents That Both Work Full Time or Single Parents..

A.H. asks from Canton

How do you find time to get the house cleanded? We both work full time and want the house to be clean but there isn't any time. When we get off, we pick the kids up, m...


A Vent, and a Question About Kids Being Honest About Their Presents

J.G. asks from Chicago

I've written about this before, but I just can't bring myself to like my brother's new girlfriend. I keep trying, and trying, but I just wish she (and her kids) would ...



A.R. asks from Macon

My daughter 18, has decided that she wants to go to a college 12 mins from our home. Prior to that because of her immaturity, dad and I decided that we weren't ready t...


Issues with Teenage Children

W.H. asks from Philadelphia

Has anyone else dealt with having a child come home from college for the first time? We had a lot of adjustment, and the visit didn't go that well. This is a first i...


Older Siblings Do Not Get Along!!

B.M. asks from Colorado Springs

I want to pull my hair out! My son is very aggressive towards his sister and she keeps telling me to kick him out of the house because he is 18. It seems they cannot e...


3 Yr Old with ADHD?

M.J. asks from Houston

My 3 yr old is like no other child you will ever meet. He goes above and beyond your typical hyper toddler. He does things that can hurt himself seriously and he does ...


19 Yr Old Daughter Wants to Live with Boyfriend for Summer

M.G. asks from Washington DC

My daughter moved in to my Northern VA home when she graduated from high school in Virginia Beach (and her Mother and Step-Dad and 5 brothers n sisters moved away to ...


Teenage Son

R.B. asks from New York

I have a teenage son (17) who feels that he can do whatever he wants no matter what myself or father says to him. We don't ask a lot from or of him. I sometimes feel l...