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How to Deal with 18YO Teen Issues ...

W.L. asks from Houston

My oldest daughter turned 18 today. She's a senior in high school, taking second year of Cosmetology thru her school, works about 12 hours a week, loves Cosmo and doi...


15 Yo Good Kid in Public, But . . .

M.D. asks from Provo

I have a 15 year old son who is a very well behaved person in public. He's also a 4.0 student. However, within the walls of our home, he's a whole 'nother kind of pe...


Help with Daugher

R.S. asks from Medford

how do you get your 18 year old to feel better about herself and go out a get a job. my daughter has touble fitting in with other people. she always stuggled in school


Need Help Understanding My Three Year Old Daughter.

H.K. asks from Scranton

I have an 18 year old son,he is laid back and always been a good kid. I only remember ever spanking him twice. Now my daughter we talk to her tell her she is doing som...


8 Year Boy That Is Stealing and Lying

D.T. asks from Los Angeles

I am a newly married mom of two 8 and 3. My son which is 8, stays with his dad because I was working night shift and he is in school. He stealing from his dads house a...


What Is Your Opinion of Teens Taking a "Gap Year" Between H.S and College?

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

My son is considering a "gap year". He would like to (possibly)get his own apartment with a roommate and save for college (I think living at home while working full ti...


Older Teenager Problems

J.R. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 17 year old stepson, who is a great kid except he refuses to do things that I feel are "normal" for an almost adult. My husband doesn't really get after him ...


Advice on Parenting a Young Adult

T.T. asks from Philadelphia

Hi moms, I need help. I'm the mom of 4, the oldest being 18 and fresh out of high school. He works 40 hours a week, pays for his car(a loan through us)and his cell pho...


Teaching Common Sense

M.S. asks from Chicago

I am asking for realistic ways to teach a 8 year old girl common sense. I am so frustrated with her. She will walk past a mess on the floor like it is not even there...


*Dealing with Feelings & Emotions*

L.H. asks from St. Louis

Hello & Happy Holidays to aall the fabulous moms out there. I've written before about issues with my 15 yr old daughter, and you all gave very good suggestions and ad...