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Landscaping Design Needed

T.C. asks from Chicago

Hello! My husband and I are looking to put new trees and shrubs in our backyard. Does anyone have any recomendations on a company who charges resonable prices but do...


Looking for Landscaper in the North Naperville Area

G.M. asks from Chicago

Our yard is quite dated and very plain. I am looking to make some changes, such as putting in a brick patio in the back yard, adding a tree or 2, possibly replacing t...


Seeking Landscaping Company for Spring Clean-Up

S.D. asks from Chicago

Hi ladies - we recently moved into a new home with more landscaping beds that I'm used to. They are really nice and have some great annuals, however I don't know exac...


4 y.o. Boy (Need I Say More) Destroying Landscaping!

L.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hey mama's ~ Boys ----- oh boy! So he's 4.5 - he HAS ears, born with them and everything! They just don't work! I have a lovely tree that I have transplanted, w...


Good Cost Friendly Landscaper for Drainage Problems and Also Need a Tree Cut Dow

D.O. asks from Kansas City

we've got drainage problems in our backyard so we need to have a landscape person come out to figure out how to redirect the water. nothing fancy...just something tha...


Know of Any Good Landscapers?

S.G. asks from Reno

Looking for a good Landscaping company? Any suggestions, husbands, brothers etc that are in the business?


Cleaning & Landscaping Questions

A.L. asks from Dallas

2 questions: What is the best thing to clean laminate floors with? I've tried Swiffer WetJet but it just seems to leave my floors streaky and dull. Also, is it ...


Landscaping Help in KCK

A.V. asks from Kansas City

HI! We just moved to the state. We are living in the Piper Heritage neighborhood near the Legends Mall. We would like to start getting some work done on our backyard s...


Flower Question Re: Landscaping

K.S. asks from Kansas City

I should probably know this, but does anyone know what kind of flowers these are? I see trees with beautiful rounds of flowers planted around them and was wanting to d...


Shared Landscaping with Neighbor

K.D. asks from Raleigh

Our neighbors on one side of us share a row of trees that run between our houses and up into our front yard. It's sort of a tiny forest. Some neighbors mulch the trees...