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Daughter Stealing Money from My Wallet

S.B. asks from Washington DC

Can anyone help with a suitable punishment for my 14yr old daughter stealing money from my wallet? She gets an allowance every week and i don't understand why she take...


Money Saving Tips??

K.R. asks from Springfield

My husband and I are determined to get out of debt! We already have paid off our credit card debt - woohoo! We are now down to student loans, 2 car payments (we driv...


Best Money Saving Tips

A.J. asks from Eau Claire

After the post about laundry detergent yesterday, it got me thinking. What else do you all make at home to save $$ on? To be honest, making my own detergent had jus...


Medicine Recall--Money Back?

V.T. asks from Dallas

Has anyone heard if there is a process for getting your money back, or if they are giving out coupons for free items when the return to the shelves? Now that I've got...


Money Saving Tips

S.K. asks from Dallas

I am a SAHM and money is a little tight. I was wondering what you do to spend wisely. For example, I know someone who shops at Ross and Marshalls for things to decor...


Is Money a Good Reason Not to Have Another???

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

For a long time I have always thought I would have more than one child. When I actually got pregnant with my first we were not planning. Already married for 4 years ...


Looking for Ways to save Money

E.C. asks from Houston

Hi, ladies. The question of the day for me is how do you moms save money on groceries? We,ve taken on some more payments resently and the family budget is really tight...


Would You Ask Neighbors for Money?

G.H. asks from Chicago

My immediate neighbor behind us has a 9 yr old son who is an only child. The parents are very reserved & never have tried to get to know us in the 8 yrs we've lived h...


Disney :) How Much Money for Food??

S.B. asks from Washington DC

I can't believe I finally get to have my own question about Disney!!! I've belonged to this site for a long time and get jealous when I see somebody posting a Disney ...


Only Child

C.R. asks from Louisville

I am 27 and I have just had my first child. I have always only wanted to have 1 pregnancy (twins run in family). I have been having EVERYONE harping at me to have mo...