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My Almost 15 Year Old Wants a Job

T.O. asks from Dallas

What age do teens start working and how much do they make? I thought she'd just keep babysitting till she went off to college but now she's asking about a job. She w...


Intervene in Teen's Job Search?

D.M. asks from Cleveland

My then 15-year old daughter applied online for a lifeguard job at a local YMCA branch. She is Red Cross certified, a good student with great references. She is also v...


How Old Were You When You Got Your First Job and What Was It?

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

How old were you when you got your first job and what was it?


Trying to Protect 15 Year Old Boy from More Heartbreak.

T.W. asks from Raleigh

My 15 year old son has told me his father wants him to go live with him. He says he wants to go to because he does not want to hurt his dads feelings but I feel like t...


What Do You Do When a 16 Year Old Is Acting Out?

A.B. asks from Charlotte

Ok, here is the situation. My barely 16 year old cousin is now living with my parents, she has had a lot of bad things happen to her. Her parents were very abusive, ...


Seeking Job for My 15 Year Old Daughter

L.H. asks from Dallas

hello mamas....i need your help my 15 year old daughter is wanting to work and earn extra money....i want to encourage her efforts but everywhere we go to apply or ask...


***16 Year Old Stepson Got His Drivers License!!!!

K.J. asks from York

Help!! My 16 yo just got his license and hubby said that he could use our 2nd car!! He is a good kid, but still a kid and in the last year has made some poor choices ...


Teen Summer Job

J.H. asks from Las Vegas

hello, Does anybody can give me any advice or ideas about a summer job for my daughter she is 16 years old turning 17 in September. I just want her to learn about ...


15 Year Old and School

R.C. asks from Richmond

My 15 yro son,a sophomore,is getting really bad about not caring about school.I tell him his only job in life right now,IS school,so he should try his best.All I get i...


Help! Need Assistance to Keep My 16 Year Old Healthy - Has Mono for the 4Th Time

D.B. asks from St. Louis

My 16 year old daughter just was diagnosed with Mono again! - This is her 4th bout with it in a year and half. She is a very busy kid - Marching Band, basketball, swim...