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Just Curious: Selling a House

L.S. asks from Lewiston

I'm looking for opinions about the ideal time to put a house on the market. Would right now be a bad time because it's winter? We are really itching to move, but we ...


Should I Renovate My House Before Selling It?

M.F. asks from San Antonio

I'm preparing to sell my house and I'm torn between renovating it before selling it or just leaving it as is. My real estate agent is telling me to update it to ge...


Cleaning and Keeping House Clean

D.M. asks from Boston

I just want to give up on my house ever being clean. I clean it and my family messes it up again. Everything is always on the floor and I am tripping over baby equipme...


" Want to Sell My House....HELP"

H.O. asks from Austin

We are going to sell our house. But, we don't want to pay a realtor a huge amount of our earnings. Has anyone ever sold their house on their own? Is it difficult? Plea...


Question Re Gingerbread House

N.Z. asks from Los Angeles

The last time I made a gingerbread house was when I was in high school. It was the last time because it attracted a swarm of ants -- gross! I have a three year old...


Selling My House...., I Think

D.W. asks from Dallas

OK moms, especially those of you in real estate- I am at a total loss. I called the sister of an acquaintance to come and look at my house as we are wanting to sell t...


House Warming Party

T.F. asks from Orlando

OK- this is really a strange question-- and I know there are at least 3 people who read posts here who I know personally... But I don't know who to ask and I'm curious...


Showings After House Is Sold

K.K. asks from Iowa City

Hi Ladies - our house is under contract to sell with closing end of June. The buyers asked to have an hour to show the house to family last week - no problem. Now they...


House Clutter Out of Control!

S.V. asks from Albuquerque

Hi all! We just returned from a 10 day vacation to our cluttered house. I discovered how much this clutter affects our moods while we were gone - we were much more r...


If Your Parents Helped You Buy Your House.....

L.N. asks from Sarasota you owe it to them to stay there forever? Pay them back if you move? etc? I have a very sticky situation and NEED advice. My parents helped us buy our house ...