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Cooking Odors

L.V. asks from Chicago

This may sound like a strange request, but does anyone have any advice on removing cooking odors that have taken over my whole house? Any suggestions would be greatly...


Cooking Question

M.R. asks from Milwaukee

I have had a rack of ribs (cut in half) cooking in the crock pot all day(smells amazing by the way). Now do I dump the water out and fill the pot with barbeque sauce a...


Sewing Machine Repair

E.A. asks from Dallas

I have an old (1960s) sewing machine that needs a total service done on it. It hasn't been used for a long time and I would need to take it somewhere that can do the ...


Need Info/opinions on Sewing Machines

J.S. asks from Albuquerque

I want to get back into sewing. I have been looking at sewing machines but I dont know whats a good brand or what I need in one. I want to try to make quilts/clothes a...


Cooking with Baby

J.R. asks from Portland

I'm looking for suggestions for cooking while caring for an infant. I have a HotSling that my daughter is in a lot of the day. I like the closeness of the sling but ...


"Cheap" but Quality Sewing Machine

B.D. asks from Pittsburgh

I don't have a lot of money to spend on a new sewing machine but my old Kenmore stunk out of the box from day one. (Okay I admit it is about 20 years old but it alway...


Cooking Classes

J.A. asks from Kansas City

Does anyone know where I can go to take some reasonably priced cooking classes? I now have more time to prepare nice meals for my family (I cook 6 nights a week), bu...


Kids and Cooking - When?

P.G. asks from Dallas

Hi all, My son will be 7 in April. He can use the microwave for stuff we cook often (popcorn, chicken patties, marshmallows). He asked for a hot-dog the other day, ...


Fun DIY Projects for House Decor?

P.M. asks from Denver

Hi moms, we just had our house painted and upon moving everything back where it goes I have found I want to change things up! I am tired of most of our old pictures/de...


Sewing Machine Repair

J.C. asks from Chicago

I have a Kenmore sewing machine that I bought on ebay awhile back. I just started to sew with it and it is running slow and slugish. I had the same machine growing u...