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2 Positive HPT and 2 Negative

C.B. asks from Madison

So I just posted a question yesterday about being super surprised with an unexpected 3rd pregnancy. I took 2 tests yesterday, both positive. I took another test first ...


Do I Have Just One More Baby or My Tubes Tied?

T.P. asks from Orlando

Ok, I will try to make this as brief as I can. I am 35 years old and have just had child number 5, 2 weeks ago. My husband wants me to have a tubal. I have 2 children...



T.B. asks from Sacramento

Hi all! I am 27-weeks pregnant and, unfortunately, this pregnancy is not going as smoothly as my other two. My baby, whether he goes full-term or not, will have to spe...


Best Workout While Pregnant??

S.Y. asks from Tampa

Hi moms. I am only 10wks pregnat and I have already giained alot of weight...mostly because NO healthy food sounds good to me, it makes me sick...I do force myself hea...


8 Weeks Pregnant Bleeding but Still Have a Heartbeat!!!

J.G. asks from Denver

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and started spotting since the beginning of my pregnancy, so I went to my OB and he made an ultrasound and blood test, so my blood levels are goin...


I Hate Being Pregnant. There. I Said It.

E.D. asks from Seattle

Hi'ya Mamas. I'm awfully chatty tonight. Joy. Maybe I'm testing my luck, two vents in one day. Actually, I should give a warning. If you don't want to hear a lo...



A.W. asks from Cleveland

I recently found out that I was pregnant (i actually had a previous post on here AM I PREGNANT?) anyways I was pregnant but ended up having a miscarraige yesterday (Fr...


Bleeding and Cancer

B.B. asks from Jacksonville

I am only 33 years old but have been having bleeding from my butt. I did some research online and that is consistent with colon cancer or anal cancer. I am scared too ...


What Do I Need to Do?

J.B. asks from Yakima

I was wondering if there is anyone else that has gone through the same thing as me and if so let me know what you did. I am on my second miscarriage. My first one ...


Continued Problems W/an Episiotomy

D.B. asks from Provo

I hope this isn't too descriptive, but I would love to know if anyone else has experienced this. To keep a long story short, my episiotomy hasn't healed, and it is sti...