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Something No One Likes to Talk About.

M.H. asks from Pensacola

Ok. Here goes. This is one of those questions that no one likes to talk about, so I'll just spit it out. After the birth of my son, i have had issues with hemmorids. I...



L.A. asks from New York

Ladies: There is no polite way to discuss this, so here it comes. I am at 20 weeks with my first and having an awful time with hemmorroids. Sometimes, I experience...


Embarassing Question..

C.P. asks from Provo

Well since I have been pregnant I have had to deal with a lot of embarassing symptoms and I'm always calling the doc to ask questions. Right now I have a sore near my ...


Kinda Scared

D.B. asks from Fort Walton Beach

So I recently had sex in which we decided to take the morning after pill (Next Choice) 2 days afterward. It says it works up to 72 hours so we were in the time limit j...


37 Weeks Prego and Still Surprising Myself!

A.C. asks from Springfield

I'm 37 weeks prego today!!! Whoo hooo!! I'm so close to having this baby thank goodness because I've just been miserable for the last few weeks and I'm pretty sure I...


Miscarriage and Blood Transfusion!

W.A. asks from Tampa

I recently was pregnant with my 4th baby. I miscarried in December, I was three months pregnant. I went to the hospital and they sent me home with out a D & C. I was b...


Were You Prettier When You Were Pregnant?

A.G. asks from Houston

I keep getting those "you are glowing",........... "pregnancy looks good on you"....comments. Id like to think it is all the work ive been doing with nutrition and fit...


Perinatal/Maternal/Fetal Specialist in Edina or St. Paul, MN?

T.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi. I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins. At 10 weeks I was diagnosed with subchorionic hemorrhage. I like our OB, but would like to have a 2nd opinion with a specialist...


Paragard IUD?

K.E. asks from Spokane

My midwife has recommended that I use the copper IUD, since i have a really hard time with hormonal methods of birth control. I have researched this particular IUD, an...


Should I Be Bleeding This Much After Delivery?

K.K. asks from Houston

I delivered my 2nd daughter 9 days ago. With my first daughter, I was bleeding a lot after delivery and the doctor packed me to help stop the bleeding and it worked gr...