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My Wife's Family Is Driving Me Insane.

T.F. asks from Washington DC

I had never met most of my wife's family when we got engaged. She has 4 siblings. And they all have large and growing families of there own. Which is great! We had our...


Daughter Helped Her Friend Cheat- HELP with Consequence

L.M. asks from Dallas

Hey moms. I found out today that my 10 year old has cheated at school. Apparently her friend paid her to take a test for her and she did it. I'm really not sure if it ...


Soon to Be Single Mom Needing Help on Getting Financial Help

K. asks from Cincinnati

I was informed last night that I am going to be a single mom and though I think I could make it with rent and such only with the child support I should receive but I w...


Financial Help for Single Mothers and Unpaid Maternity Leave

A.D. asks from Fort Wayne

Is there anything out there that I can apply for to get help in paying my rent and other bills while i'm on maternity leave? I don't get paid for maternity leave and h...


Family That Always Wants to Borrow Money

L.B. asks from New York

My older sister and I are very close. We talk everyday. The thing is; She is a single mother by choice. She has one in college (he pays his own way) and a highschoo...


Lending/giving Money to Family Members

L.P. asks from Chicago

Hi, I would like advice about parents helping their children and grandchildren in these difficult financial times. Money can be a very emotional issue-you don't wan...


My Family Got My Babysitter Sick.. Now She's in the Hospital

L.G. asks from Los Angeles

So.... My kids got sick last week- the stomach flu. It started with the younger one and a day and a half later the older one got it. Tons and tons of vomiting and lat...


Bringing Another Kid in the Family?

S.W. asks from Springfield

Okay so this is a LONG story, but I have five kids 18,16, & a 14 year old girl, then i have a 12& 5 year old boys. So my sister hasn't always made good choices, I actu...


Husband Lost Job - Need Money Saving Tips

M.S. asks from Dallas

My husband lost a very good job yesterday and it was a total shock. We have lived comfortably and we have some money in savings. We are already looking for ways to c...


Can Family Really Break up a Happy Home?

A.J. asks from Colorado Springs

My spouse and I are thinking about moving so that we can get a new start. See we just moved to this county to be closer to family. However, it has been far from plea...