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Kid Friendly Recipes for Underweight Cildren.

S.Z. asks from Pensacola

I have a 6 year old son that is underweight. He is also ADHD and taking medication that makes him lose his appatite. He is a very picky eater when he does eat. I had b...


If You Are Overweight, How Much Does It Bother You??

J.B. asks from Houston

I am only asking this bc I HATE it sooooooooooo much!! Like I just don't think I can stand another second of it, but well it takes time to get it off, so that's life ...


Overweight Baby and Not So Baby weight..help

S.C. asks from Detroit

Need some advice..I have people all around me but no-one that holds me accountable for what I do/eat... I need that someone and some good ideas on how to live a better...


So What Are the Risks?

E.M. asks from Honolulu

Another question got me thinking: I always hear about the risks of being chronically obese, but I have no idea if there are health risks (either short or long term) to...


Eating Habits for Kids

M.B. asks from Birmingham

my older son,11, is overweight for his age, his younger brother,10, is underweight for his age. it is always a constant problem for me because i try to make one eat l...


Underweight Breastfed Baby - Any Tips on How to Get Him to Gain?

T.A. asks from Dallas

Our 4.5 month old is <5th percintille on weight, but 75th on length. We began supplimenting with formula only 2 onces at night. He sleeps only about 12 hours per day...


Need New OB/GYN That Is Good with an Overweight or Obese Pregnancy

J.W. asks from Salt Lake City

I am obese and pregnant. I am looking for a doctor in the Salt Lake or Riverton area that is good with obese patients. I can handle up front and blunt. What I dont'...


Overweight Pre-teen and Poor Eating Habits

T.H. asks from New London

My step-daught is 11 years old and somewhat over weight. She has told us that she is unhappy with her weight, but we're having trouble getting her to change her eatin...


Tha5 Year Old Afraid to Getting "Fat"

A.S. asks from Philadelphia

Not sure how worried I should be My 5 yr old son is skinny... like underweight skinny. He has also been on low end of growth curve for weight. recently he is not e...


Weight for a 4 Year Old???

V.L. asks from Houston

My 41/2 year old daughter went to the doctor last week and the doctor said she was on the verge to get overweight. I am really perplexed because she looks GREAT and i...