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IEP Help

K.T. asks from Sioux Falls

My son is 14 and was taken off his IEP. Because of his MEA and MCA testing scores. He has ADHD is on no meds now he is failling one class and d in almost all classes...


My Daughter Might Have ADD...

J.V. asks from Miami

This is my daughter's first year in public school in first grade. She had a rough start in school and the teacher was working with me on controlling her behavior. She ...


16 Years Old and a Car

C.M. asks from St. Louis

We have many years until we have to have this serious conversation, but hubby and I were discussing a few days ago about when our kids (now 5 and 3) are legal driving ...


Day Dreaming and Homework

A.V. asks from Detroit

My sister is having a hard time with her 9 year old. The teacher has noticed that she is daydreaming alot at school and not getting her work done. because of this she ...


Overwhelmed Teenager

A.L. asks from Detroit

My 15 year old teenager has some emotional issues and austism but he is in regular classes at a regular middle school with some special education accomadations and doe...


Curfew Advice

M.C. asks from Las Vegas

Hi moms: I have a question for those of you with teenagers. What time have you set for your 17 year old to be home on a school night and also the weekend nights? ...


Advice for Parents of a New High School Student in the Fall.

D.D. asks from Denver

With having two younger children in preschool and 1st grade I am still pretty much in the mommy has to take care of you mode. I know he is old enough to tend to his ow...


Summer Reading for 6 Yo, Going into 1St Grade

C.S. asks from Redding

Any suggestions for a good reading program for my daughter over the summer? She does excellent in Math and is getting good grades in reading, but struggles more with i...


First Grader Struggling with Number Sense- Could She Have a Disability in Math?

B.C. asks from Sacramento

My 6 year old, first grader, is really struggling in math lately and is starting to concern me because now she is saying that she hates math! She is getting by with d...


Son Getting in Trouble for Talking Too Much

S.J. asks from St. Louis

Our 8 year old is a very bright and very well-behaved boy. He really is such an easy kid. You tell him to do something and he does it right away for the most part. ...