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JFF: What's Everyone Doing Tonight?!

M.B. asks from Orlando

Me I'm TRYING to keep my son up because he is having his EEG in the morning. So we are having a family movie night and eating popcorn and watching captian America. So ...


Baby Boy's 1St Birthday

L.C. asks from Buffalo

Any cool idea's for Baby Boy's 1st Birthday???


Vacation Ideas

M.D. asks from San Francisco

I am looking for vacation ideas for my family(5yr old kids & us with my mom). Which places r fun for kids at this age apart from the usual Disney & sea world?? we r lo...


How Is Everybody Doing Today!?!?

C.L. asks from Amarillo

how is everyones day going? Mine is going great!!


What Is Your Favorite Place to Eat in Yellow Springs?

K. asks from Dayton

Hello Ladies! We're going out to Yellow Springs for an evening of fun, and I wondered what restaurants people liked that were good for families (my children are rea...


Seeking Ideas for Dinners to Take to the Pool

G.C. asks from New York

Hi, I am out of ideas of cold dinners to take to the pool. We spend a lot of time at the town pool and would prefer to pack a cooler for dinner as opposed to the s...



M.L. asks from Cleveland

I have limited experience. So far my kids have attended church services and calling hours for their great grandparents. Kids were young at the time and easily occupied...


Please Help My Friend Decide

C.S. asks from Los Angeles

my friend will go on a 3-week vacation with her whole family abroad ( husband's side). she foresees that they will be spending each day out and about ( from sun up to ...


Home Schooling Questions

T.G. asks from Buffalo

How do you go about pulling your child out of a public school and home school them? I have a 11 year old whom I wish to home school. Any advice or help would be greatl...


Advice on Leaving a 2-Mo Old When Breastfeeding

C.B. asks from San Francisco

I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I have a younger sister in Florida who just got engaged on Christmas Day. She and I are very close and she's asked me to b...