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Is It Normal That 20 Years Old Girl Does Not Come to Sleep at Home After a Party

M.C. asks from San Francisco

My daughter has just graduated from junior college and waiting for the acceptance to the University. She likes parties, and almost every weekend she goes out to partie...


Fair Curfew

S.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello Ladies, Here is my problem. My 18yod has just started college and living at home. We have given her a midnight cerfew(which for the most part she meets). On ...


Gift for Neighbor Graduating from High School

M.E. asks from San Francisco

Our neighbor's daughter, who has also been our infrequent babysitter for the past 2 years, is graduating from High School. Her family gave us an invitation to the mai...


Did You like Your First Name When You Were a Child?

*.*. asks from New London

When I was a kid, everybody called me "Kristine" or "Kristina" and it drove me crazy ! I was constantly saying that my name was Kris--ten ! Finally, in the mid-70'...


What to Do with Monetary Graduation Gifts?

K.T. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is about to graduate high school and head to college in the fall. She is receiving a considerable amount of money gifts from family and friends. I would ...


Your Own Child's Graduation Gift....

J.C. asks from St. Louis

What did or would you get your own child (a son) for graduation? Please no suggestions such as a new car, which I would love to be able to give him. I'm a single mo...


Graduation Gift Help

S.M. asks from Omaha

I need some help coming up with some ideas for a graduation gift for my cousin. My family will be going in on a gift with other members of our extended family, so the...


Grad Gifts for Neighbors

S.N. asks from Chicago

My neighbor has two daughters; one just graduated from h.s. and the other from college with honors. the older one was our babysitter for a couple years. The younger ...


Graduation Gift Ideas

C.C. asks from Pittsburgh

My son, who is in his first year of high school, has been invited to several graduation parties, just himself, not the whole family. Do kids usually give a card when ...


Advice to Deal with an Unhappy Teenager

D.T. asks from Wichita Falls

I have a teenaged daughter that is in her second semester of college. She is a very bright young lady and school has always come very easy to her. As she was growing u...