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How Do I Help DH Make Friends

K.M. asks from San Francisco

So this questions might sound strange and some might think this is not my business but my husband does not have many friends, he is somewhat antisocial and reserved. H...


12 Yo Friends

D.T. asks from Cleveland

How can you help a 12 yo make friends. She has many people calling wanting to go out but refuses. She only wants to go out with the same girl. What can I do?


Need Friends in the Edmonds Area

C.S. asks from Seattle

We recently moved to Edmonds, although we were in Bothell two years before that. I need to make friends but am having a very hard time doing so. Any ideas how to start?


Imaginary Friends, How Long?

J.V. asks from Chicago

My daughter has a very active imagination. In any case, her "friends" have been around for a year now. She will be 3 in March. I had read that they were more like a m...


Mom Seeking Friends!!!!!

J.R. asks from Indianapolis

I am looking for friends in my area for me (and my children if possible :) but would love just to have friends!). I movd up to Indianapolis with my husband in 2003 and...


Friends' Christmas Card Pics

S.N. asks from Chicago

Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of pictures of friends' and relatives' kids sent in holiday cards. Sometimes they are the kids' school pics and sometimes they...


Moms Are Friends Kids Aren't

S.R. asks from Phoenix

What do you do when you are really good friends with another mom, but their children are a horrible influence on your child? As in physical behavior, cursing around m...


Looking for Some Mommy Friends....

L.M. asks from Bellingham

Dear mommys in the Bellingham and Ferndale areas, I know practically no one any where near my age who have kids. I would love to have some new friends to meet up wi...


Problems Making Friends

N.G. asks from Tampa

My son, who is a normally outgoing kid, has been having some friend issues at school. There is a bus bully, a 4th grader, that likes to pick on the youger kids. For ...


Children's Books About How to Play with Friends

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi folks - I'm looking for preschooler books about how to play with other kids. My four-year-old is somewhat socially immature and sometimes has difficulty making fri...