Choosing a Location

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Would You Let Your Ex Do This?

A.J. asks from Williamsport

My ex and I are amicable. He flies with kids to his parents house in Baton Rouge from our home in PA at least once per year. They have taken a couple other trips with ...


Seeking a Place to Board Our Dogs for 10 Days

R. asks from Kansas City

Hello, We are going to a family reunion in August and we will be gone for about 10 days. Normally when we leave town we have someone come in twice a day to let our...


Nontraveling Scrooge ? What Would You Do?

J.T. asks from Victoria

This Christmas will be a busy one indeed. I have in the past gone to five different Christmases with the family. I think its totally outta controll but I seem to be th...


Am I a Stick in the Mud or Justified?

H.G. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are at odds because he wants to travel and I don't. Let me start by saying that we have 3 yr old, very high energy twin boys, and a 4 month old baby....


Favorite Vacations

S.K. asks from Denver

Im trying to come up with some great vacation ideas for an extended family trip. We have a great timeshare so lodging wont be a problem. What were some of your favor...


"Seeking Advice on How to Keep Nursing Your Baby After a Long Trip Apart."

S.M. asks from Salt Lake City

I need some advice. I have a 7 month old boy who I have been nursing since he was born. I plan on nursing him until 11 months or a year. Well I have a bit of a prob...


Cozumel or Playa Del Carmen?

S.C. asks from Houston

Has anyone been to Cozumel, or Play del Carmen recently? Where did you stay, and how was your experience? We are considering for spring break, but not sure due to vi...


Moms - How Do YOU Have Fun on Family Vacations?

S.B. asks from San Antonio

I feel like I've been such a downer lately and DH is mad at me for it. :( We just took a 10 day family trip and the kids had fun and DH had a blast but for me, it wa...


Grandparents Wanting to Take 6Yo to Disney for the First Time...

H.B. asks from Dallas

This summer my mom and step dad took my 6yo daughter and my step sister's two sons on a vacation to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. They all had a blast ...


Puerto Rico Hotels

J.D. asks from Dallas

We are taking a family trip to Puerto Rico in August. Does anyone have any hotel recommendations? We want a clean hotel that has easy access to the beach. My husban...