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Need Help About Cruises

N.W. asks from Chicago

We're thinking about going on a Cruise from Miami, I want to ask you ladies who have been on a Cruise to give us any tips on which Cruise line to go with, or which one...


How to Avoid Emotional Side Effects During and After Father Visitation on Kids?

A.E. asks from Orlando

I have a huge concern about my kids emotional statuse. I have been seprated with their father for about 4 months now. He has some set visitation that we used to fol...


Advice About a Family Vacation Dilemma! Please HELP

S.E. asks from Albuquerque

My husband and I are planning a vacation to California. Here are the family dynamics. I have 2 children a 19 yr old son and a 17 yr old daughter. My husband has ...


Etiquette for Requesting Guests to Pay for Entrance Fees for a 1St Bday Party

N.C. asks from Austin

Please help! I am planning my daughters 1st birthday party (yes she is turning one year old). It is going to be at the local city pool. I was able to rent tables for a...


Mathnasium in Frisco

C.G. asks from Dallas

Hi, My daughter is in 3rd grade and struggled with Math the majority of the year. Even though towards the end she made great improvements, I want her to get some tut...


Best Time to Go to Disney

T.B. asks from Jacksonville

We just came back from disney and was so surprised at how crowded it was. I thought that the middle of the week and with school still in it would be a nice time to go....


Best Trip for Couples

O.L. asks from Los Angeles

Just wondering for those of you who have been with your spouse for some time, where is the BEST place you've gone on vacation together? I'm not talking about with kids...


Family Vacation Ideas

T.H. asks from Topeka

We have never taken a family vacation. We would like to this year. Our kids are Boy 10, Girl 6 and Boy 2. What are your favorite spots? We aer open to flying or drivin...


Son Turning 11 Year Old

D.R. asks from Richmond

Does anyone have any fun simple ideas how to celebrate a boy's 11th birthday. It is in May and wanted to get start thinking of ideas.


Taking 14 Month Old on 5 Hour Flight...

T.W. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms, I'm completely terrified about taking my little one on vacation with us, but I really want to go! It is about a 5 hour flight and we will be in coach seati...