Bipolar Disorder

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Any Other Mommas W/bi-polar Type 2???

B.B. asks from Dallas

i hate i'm even putting my b'ness (ha ha) out there like this, but i figured hey we can't see each other & i need to talk to some other mommas that have bi-polar type ...


Multiple Personalities & Games People Play

C.O. asks from Washington DC

Do things your kids ask you click sometimes? Where they ask you an off-the-wall question and then you give them an answer and say "okay - why 'd you ask that?" and the...


My 8 Yo Daughter's Constant Crying Spells ***UPDATED***

C.M. asks from Norfolk

I'm at my wit's end. My 8 yo daughter cries over EVERYTHING. Just to say "no" is grounds for tears to start falling. Just this morning, as with most mornings, she w...


All My Kids Do Is Fight, I Need Help!

J.H. asks from Asheville

I am a single mom with 4 kids, my 14,9 and 7 yr old live with me and the 16 yr old is with his dad. All the 3 that live here do is fight, and i'm not talking normal si...


Possible Severe Depression/anxiety & How to Deal with It.

K.C. asks from Cincinnati

My husband and I have agreed that something has been very "off" with me a lot lately. I've been stressed out, I blow up at my kids/husband at odd times and sometimes f...


Is Polar Edge a Good Brand?

R.M. asks from Austin

We are going skiing. Is Polar Edge a good brand for ski clothes and thermal wear?


Bodybugg Vs. Polar HRM

E.N. asks from Minneapolis

I'm trying to lose baby weight & generally just get back into the habit of regularly working out. A friend of a friend uses a Bodybugg and loves it. Has anyone used ...


Polar Express Activities

A.C. asks from Huntington

I am in charge of a Polar Express party at my 2nd grader's class and I need to come up with one short activity to round it out. So far I have not found anything online...


Need a Recommendation for a Child Psychologist

C.M. asks from Phoenix

We are taking my son to see someone about his behavior issues that will be able to help us. I have a list of doctors that my insurance gave, but don't know who I shoul...


Sister Going over the Edge Emotionally

P.G. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, My sister (2.5 years younger) has pretty much lost her emotional foothold. She lives away from family (which, where my mother is concerned is a good thing)...