Babysitting the Grand Kids

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Guilt Ridden Grandma over Not Wanting to Watch Grandson While Parents Work.

L.J. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, I am a 57 year old grandma of 4. I currently watch and have been watching my 17 month old grandson twice a week since he was 3 months old. I share the responsi...


Our Granddaughter

L.W. asks from Los Angeles

is 18 months old. I take care of her every Monday and when my husband comes home she cries if he even speaks to us. He doesn't get to see her very often so this is ve...


Worried -Care of My Girls

T.I. asks from Sacramento

My daughters' grandfather has been taking care of them (I have two girls) while I work full time. He was great for the first few years but now I am having alot of con...


My Grandson Was Adopted Outside Our family....anyone Else Go Through This?

S.P. asks from Florence

I would love to talk to another grandmother in this position.....or maybe even a mom who has adopted. I kept my grandson for 11 mths. before he was he w...


Sick Child Care

L.E. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, All, What do you do if you work or attend school full-time, spouse is not around and your young children are mildly ill (with a slight fever, runny nose, cough,...


Granddaughter Cries When I Leave Her

E.W. asks from Cleveland

i have a 20 month old granddaughter from my oldest son and his girlfriend. They work different shifts so one of them is always home and only grandparents babysit. ...


Nanny Versus Center Care

M.D. asks from Washington DC

My older sister has one baby (15 months) and is due with her second late October. She called me today very excited because their favorite cay care person at the center...


Feeding a Child of % Years

C.K. asks from Detroit

I babysit my grandson, who just turned 5 years old, for 5 1/2 hours every day but my daughter only allows him to have water during this time. He is always telling me ...


To Have Another Child or Not to Have Another child...advice Please.

M.S. asks from Charleston

I have a question/situation and I really would love some advice. My husband and I have been thinking about having another baby for a couple of years now. There are h...


Child Care and Preschooler

A.F. asks from New York

A few months ago I decided to go back to work. Because my job is very low-paying, I was concerned about paying for daycare. I started out sending my almost three year ...