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Asthma & C-sections

J.M. asks from Jacksonville

A friend told me she has done research on the connection of children born via C-section & asthma. She said during vaginal birth, most of the fluids are pushed out n...


Asthma-or Something

S. asks from Dallas

My 6 year old son was diagnosed with Asthma when he was 22 months old, however, he doesn't have the typical asthma symptoms. He has a consistant barking, sometimes al...


Colds and Asthma in Children

F.W. asks from Cumberland

For the mamas out there with children with asthma: My 3.5 year old daughter got a nebulizer a few months back during allergy season and given her family history an as...


Allergy Shots and Asthma Meds

R.B. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello Mamas, I am asking for your advice regarding asthma and allergy treatments for little ones. I am nearly at my wit's end dealing with my four and a half-year-ol...


Natural Remedies for Asthma

M.H. asks from Chicago

Looking for non-conventional remedies or other types of natural medicine for the control of asthma, all those medicines my son is taking seem to affect his behavior an...


Effect of Sugar on Children with Asthma

I.M. asks from Houston

Is there anyone with information about the effects of sugar on children especially in the acute phase of asthma. I have read that it affects the immune system, too. ...


Alternative Asthma Treatment

F.T. asks from Chicago

My 21 month old son has been diagnosed with asthma. He's taking daily singular and when he has flare-ups (always after colds) takes albuterol, then often has to do pre...


Pregnant with Asthma and Allergies

T.M. asks from Erie

Since I got such great responses from a lot of people last time. I would like to ask a simple question to all the mothers. I have asthma and I'm 16 weeks pregnant. ...


Asthma at 1 Year Old ...

J.A. asks from Kansas City

After several, several trips to Children's Mercy this winter, a neublizer, brochiolitis, and now an x-ray, they have finially diagnosed my one year old with asthma (he...


8 Month Old with Asthma

S.C. asks from Cincinnati

I took my 8 month old to the doctor yesterday because of a cough he has had for about 3 weeks now. The doctor said he is asthmatic. He told me they don't really diagno...