Applying to Colleges

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Mommy Wants to Learn New Things and Eventually Go to a 4 Yr College

J.C. asks from Chicago

Hi moms. I feel stuck. I am a 31 yr old mommy trying to get into college. After many years of not doing it because of wanting to take care of this person and that pe...



M.M. asks from Detroit

My oldest is a senior in high school, and I am getting very worried about him going off to college next year. I would rather have him commute to school, but everyone ...


Financial Aid Applications

J.S. asks from Chicago

How can we get more parents to complete the financial aid applications so that high school seniors can go to college? I am disheartened at the fact that there are so ...


"Do You Have Small Children?"

E.S. asks from New York

I was asked this question during a job interview today. If I were a cartoon my eyes would have done that spring-popping thing. I was also asked on the application my m...


What Do People Usually Do?

Y.I. asks from Dallas

My daughter is in junior college and we are trying to plan for the junior and senior year at a regular college. What do people usually do to pay for college? She won'...


How Much Would You Help with Financial Aid Forms

J.B. asks from Boston

My husband and his daughter (my SD) moved into an apartment in September. She is a high school senior and is applying to several private colleges and universities this...


Graduate School

C.A. asks from Boston

I am looking into graduate schools for Education. Has anyone done this recently? Is it much different from the College Admissions process? Or is it basically the same ...


Tax and FAFSA Experts

R.B. asks from San Francisco

I know I can google this, etc., and I will, but I would like your opinion/experience as well, since I hear a different story from everyone I talk to. 1. Can you ...


Stanford or Ivy League Schools

R.M. asks from San Francisco

Does anyone know someone who has been accepted to an Ivy League or Stanford recently? What did it take for them to get in? My kid's applying and we need all the tips...


My Daughter Refuses to Listen About Money.

D.L. asks from Panama City

When my daughter go her first job over the summer we told her we weren't going to tell her how to spend the money or make her save it. We wanted her to learn these les...