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Getting Tubes Tied After Vaginal Birth

A.P. asks from Boston

I'm 31 and pregnant with my 3rd child. Since the beginning of this pregnancy (which was planned) my husband has been saying he wants to get a vasectomy, which is fine...


Has Anyone Here Had a Vaginal Birth After Having a C-section??

D.M. asks from Pittsburgh

I am 25 years old and 21 weeks pregnant with my second child. With my first child, who is almost 4, I had to have a c-section. I was in labor for 8 hours and fully dil...



C.A. asks from New York

I usually get a migraine once a month. Sometimes not even that much. Last Tuesday I got one, then again on Friday, the again Sun, then got 5 on Monday and working on m...


Give It to Me Straight Ladies.

A.G. asks from Pocatello

So My hubby is in Iraq and I just found out today he will NOT be able to come home when I have my scheduled c-section on the 16th of April. Which is exactly a week fro...


Permanent Bc, Your Experiences with Essure?

J.B. asks from Houston

This is our last baby and I am due in about 5wks, so I am thinking on permanent bc and we were planning on a vasectomy for my husband. But I am nervous to have him do...


Gallbladder Surgery

J.F. asks from Toledo

I have gotten so much excellent advice and opinions from here, so I figured I would try again. Here's a brief history. When I was about 20 weeks pregnant with #3 (ab...


Twilight Sedation for D&C and Ablation (Novasure)?

E.S. asks from Chicago

Due to heavy, pro-longed periods my doctor has recommended I have an endometrial ablation done (Novasure). As part of this process, they will also do a D&C. While t...


Second C-section and I Am Terrified

C.F. asks from Denver

I am attempting to reach out to other women out there who have had a c-section. A little over two years ago, I had a c-sectio with my first child, A boy named Gabe. I ...


2Nd C Section Preparation

D.T. asks from Los Angeles

This question is for moms that have had repeat c sections. My first c section was not planned. I had a slow leak at week 37, I went into the hospital at this time...


Do You Remember Your Baby's First Cry?

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

My husband and I were talking about this last night, because I don't remember. Kinda makes me feel like a bad mommy! But really I went into labor on 3 A.M. on a Friday...