After School Care

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Sahm's: What If Your Husband Told You to Get a Job, So He Can Quit His?

S.H. asks from Honolulu

I've been a SAHM, for 9 years. Hubby has a job.... but the employer sucks. They are dishonest and jerk the employees around. Hubby has recently started looking for a...


Defiant Son

K.G. asks from Spartanburg

My son is 12. AD/Hd and completely defiant. He is great in school and most of the time in after school care, but when he gets home he does nothing but argue. About ...


How Much $ Should I Offer

J.A. asks from Sacramento

I have an amazing neighbor who offered to transport my child (B) to school in the morning, next year when her child and B start Kindegarten. We live rurally and the...


5 Y/o and the "F" Word!

L.B. asks from Columbia

I'm going to start off by saying we don't cuss around the kids. I feel weird when I cuss at all (alone, out with friends, etc.), because it's so ingrained in my head n...


Virgin Mary Costume

N.G. asks from Dallas

My daughter is the Virgin Mary in her school Christmas program this year. Besides a potato sack dress and a shawl around he head, I am not sure what to do. Anyone ha...


1St/2nd Grade Split Class - Any Tips for Parents?

E.M. asks from San Francisco

I just found out today that my son was placed in 1st/2nd grade split class. Other parents who were placed in this class were notified in advance, so I was shocked whe...


Christian Music Gurus-

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

I am in charge of making the slide show set to music for my daughter's end of school program. I need Christian music that would work well with an upbeat slide show an...


Charter School Recommendation - High School

D.C. asks from Phoenix

Hello all! I am looking for some recommendations of good alternative high school options for a friend who lives near South Mountain. His son is struggling greatly i...


Gift or Not to Gift

A.T. asks from Boston

My son started kindergarten this past September and is being invited to birthday parties for classmates and other kids that he knows from the after school program. If...


Pre-school in South Carolina

M.N. asks from Charleston

I had my older daughter who is 4 enrolled in a pre-school program at St. Timothys in Goose Creek for 08-09 school year. However to many kids droped out of her class an...