What is the most effective way to help your child stay in bed all night?

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Just put her straight back to bed with as little fuss as possible. This can be completely exhausting for the parent, but the child learns that she won't be able to stay up for an extra few minutes. Don't even tell her off as that is giving it attention.

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A set bedtime routine (bath, bedtime lotion, book, bed) and not running in my DD's room when she fusses in the middle of the night. If she fusses for more than 2 minutes or sounds truly in distress, I will check on her.

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    give them proper time so that they can sleep...

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    She can't wake us up or leave her room until the clock turns 6 or later. Of course, if she is sick or scared, she can come anytime.

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    I agree. Routines really helped us, especially in regards to managing expectations


Have a set bedtime routine, 10 minutes of child-chosen wind-down time (books, coloring, etc.) right before tuck-in, get all needs (potty, water, etc) taken care of in advance, and as little interaction as possible when they try to get out of bed. :)

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    I tuck my son in and tell him that his stuffed animal will protect him if he has a nightmare. And I will sometimes read a story to him and I have a nightlight for him too. Hope this helped!

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Install a motorized monster-under-the-bed that will grab their ankles every time they try and step down onto the floor.

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    Seriously funny!

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    But then they might be scared to go back to there bed

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Keep everything low energy well before bed time. We have tried the commonly prescribed method of picking your child up and putting them back to bed over and over again, however this did not work. Instead we bought a king size bed and works so well!

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