Tear Jerkers: Children's Books That Make You Cry

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  • Jennifer A added this item
  • Jennifer A commented

    I became a mother for the first time, my mother sent this book to me. It is so precious, you will cry no matter what or who you are. There isn't a better tear jerker on the planet thanks mom. I Love You

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  • Wendy D commented

    I remember the 1st time I read this book- it was to a group of 4 year olds...I didn't even have kids yet....I had to stop reading for a second because I got a huge lump in my throat and couldn't.

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    I discovered this book when I started teaching in 1987 and read it to my then 7 year old son and 8 year old daughter. Each year I share it with my class and it grows with me...I have bought it for my friends, nieces, and finally for my grandson Logan 17

  • Nikki B commented

    I loved this book since as far back as I can remember. I have two babies of my own now, and read it to them all of the time. I get a lump in my throat every time I read it! Every night as I'm tucking my daughter into bed I tell her... I will love you fo

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  • Sandy C commented

    this one gets me all the time! love it!

  • Sandy C voted
  • Purple Mom commented

    I can't even read this one any more; especially now that my Mom is gone.

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  • Lena commented

    this isn't a children's book... but I loved it

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  • Kim L commented

    When people come to visit us, my boys bring it to them, tell them "this book makes mommy cry" and ask them to read it to them...

  • Johnni J commented

    Years ago we did this as a play in our church, ever since than It's been one of my favorites. I now have two daughters and cry every time read them this story. I give it as a gift at every baby shower!

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    I can't read this to my son anymore, I get halfway through it and I can see to read through my tears. I give at every shower as well.

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  • Donna R commented

    This book was given to me by my son for my first Mother's Day when he was only 5 months old. He is 13 and I still cry when I read it!

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  • Mary C voted
  • Mary C commented

    I'll love you forever I'll like you for always As long as I'm living My baby you'll be Gets me everytime!

  • Jennifer H commented

    Especially at the end when her son is all grown up and she is trying to say it one last time and can't so he says it to her and then goes home and picks up his baby daughter and says it to her. Makes me cry every time I read it to my children.

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    Gosh, I cry just thinking about this book!

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    I am tearing up just reading the list for crying out loud - I can't even read this one with my son!!

  • Angela R voted
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  • Cat G voted
  • Cat G commented

    This one absolutely wrecks me!!

  • Keesha B commented

    Destroyed everytime I read it...

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    I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as you're living, my baby you'll be.

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  • MommyOfthree commented

    Love this book but just to clarify it's Robert Munsch, in case anybody wants to buy it from a bookstore etc. Plus I'm a book editor so LoL.

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  • Diane C commented

    This is a wonderful book that helps moms and dads, along with kids, think about how wonderful it is to have each other's love.

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  • Rochelle F voted
  • MissRed commented

    LOVE this book! My mom gave it to me after my daughter was born. I cried the first time (and subsequent times) I read it! So so sweet.

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    I have 4sons and bought each of them a copy.

  • Andrea S voted
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    My parents gave us each a copy when we turned 16 and then gave our spouses one on our wedding day. We gave our own daughter one when she was born.

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  • Elizabeth F voted
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    I read this to my boys every single night for years!!! Ten years later they still won't go to sleep without "I love you forever, I love you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be" I love it !!!

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  • Debbie A voted
  • Debbie A commented

    I can't read past the middle of the book with out sobbing....

  • Elizabeth' J voted
  • Elizabeth' J commented

    Read this to my husband while we were dating...not marrried and no children...just wanted to share this special book when we were "book shopping" one day....I think he figured out how sentimental I was on that date! Means so much more now as we have a fa

  • Sue L voted
  • Mary Anne F commented

    Always makes me cry. The kids always look up to see if Mommy's crying again. Mary Anne

  • Mary Anne F voted
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  • Jolena A voted
  • Jolena A commented

    I love this book and gave copies of it to my Mom and Grandmother! Makes me bawl my eyes out every time I read it!

  • Cheryl M voted
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    I can't even THINK about this book without tearing up -- and my kids are 16 and 20!

  • Jennifer M voted
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  • Lisa R voted
  • Lisa R commented

    Especially if your first born is a son. I can hardly look at the title without getting choked upWrite a comment

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  • Julie H commented

    I was fortunate enough to hear Robert Munsch tell this story (and others). Not a dry eye in the room. It is a wonderful story! I haven't read it to my daughter, although she has this book, because I can't do it yet without crying.

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    I teach college-level Public Speaking and decided a few semesters ago to mix things up by having students read their favorite children's book as an introduction speech. I demonstrated with this book, and started blubbering halfway through. No kidding.

  • Kate N voted
  • Kristina M voted
  • Kristina M commented

    I Still read this to my son, my 6th grade teacher read this and I have loved it ever since.

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The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

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  • Amitra S voted
  • Amitra S commented

    Gets me every time...kind of embarassing when I'm reading it out loud to my son. :)

  • Thrifty_mama commented

    Yes, this is the one for me! My voice will start to break towards the end & my son will hug me, & I'll start to cry! :) he always says "this book makes mommy cry"!

  • Carli S commented

    YES!!!! This is my all time favorite. So so sad. I actually even gave it to a friend who is planning on having children and i said 'You need to have this in the library!' such a lovely story. And the poor tree:)

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  • Angie F commented

    OMG!!! My son picked this up at the library & asked me to read it to him. I am usually NOT a crier, but I could not get through a third of it before I was bawling like a baby! My voice was quivering & tears were rolling, My son kept asking what was wr

  • fleurdelizzie voted
  • fleurdelizzie commented

    My children are of reading age now, so they read it to me!!

  • Christi H voted
  • Janna E voted
  • 2princesand1princess voted
  • Pauline W commented

    This book is a favorite with me & I have given it as a gift many times, but it still reduces me to tears every time I read it.

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  • R L voted
  • Mary Anne F voted
  • Emily V commented

    neither my husband nor i could get through it we were both crying so hard. my daughter was confounded.

  • Shanna M voted
  • Dawning B voted
  • Dawning B commented

    Gets me everytime!

  • Denise E voted
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  • Katherine V voted
  • Ann D voted
  • An M commented

    This one makes me sad and angry. Sad because of the selfless devotion of the giving tree and angry that it got cut down down despite all the love it showed. Didn't the boy grow up to cut it down? Please explain it to me so I'm not angry about the ending

  • Michelle H voted
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  • Christina H voted
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  • mrslavallie voted
  • Juel commented

    Just bought this for my nephew. It is a must for any child's library.


The Velveteen Rabbit

  • Carli S added this item
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  • B R voted
  • Jen W voted
  • Jen W commented

    This always chokes me up.

  • Demeter L voted
  • Gina C commented


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  • Christina H voted

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

  • Kathie K added this item
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  • Kathie K commented

    This is the book I give to each of my grandchildren. When we talk, or when we say goodbye, I always tell them that I love them to the moon and back. My little 7 year old grandson says, "Grandma, I love you through all of the universe!" The older ones u

  • Christine A voted
  • Alleane T commented

    I sold this book in my last garage sale because I can't finish it without getting all choked up which scares my son - not good for bedtime!

  • Angie R voted
  • Ashley W voted
  • Diana P voted
  • Christi H voted
  • 2princesand1princess voted
  • Rachel C commented

    why would this one be a tear jerker? Their just stating they love each other

  • Yara V voted
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  • Tracy E voted

Bridge to Terabithia

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  • Kathryn O voted
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  • Angela T voted
  • Angela T commented

    This one gets me every time. Even the movie, which was on the other day had me bawling and I missed most of it. Came in at the right time and couldn't stop myself from crying.

  • Victoria B voted
  • Valerie L voted
  • Valerie L commented

    That's the one I came to put on the list. I was reading this in the lunch room when I got to the 'bad' part and was in tears. Someone came in and was concerned there was something wrong. Teachers really should warn the kids and parents when they assign

  • Carli S voted
  • Teri W voted
  • Teri W commented

    My daughter wanted to watch this for her birthday... I had no clue about the ending, and ended up with 7 crying little girls... not to mention myself. It was a pretty rough experience, and I was upset that they only made it seem like a fun kids movie on t

  • Gina C commented


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Our Tree Named Steve by Alan Zweibe - a heartwarming story of a tree in a families yard. All the ways it has been such a wonderful tree are remembered after the tree falls during a storm.

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I'll Always Love You by Hans Wilhelm

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    A story about a boy and his aging dog. The dog eventually dies peacefully in her sleep. It is so touching because the boy is so glad that he told his dog every night that he will always love her. I can't read it without tears.


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