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Give your teen the gift of your time. Make a date to take them someplace they really want to go - take them out to dinner, etc. Make it about more than just "we'll go shopping and you can get stuff." Spend some time getting to know your teenager.

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    Teens want time with their friends, but they also want and need time with their parents. Making a date lets the teens know they are still important, and parents are still fun : )

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    Kids will be delighted if they are taken out for a nice ride and to a nice place. The place should be such that they can have fun and learn something from it. activities for kids in nyc

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    are you serious? how would YOU have felt if your parents told you they'd give you "time" instead of gifts! this only works for rich neglected kids who have everything. get REAL


My teens like the little travel tins from Scentsy, they put them in their lockers and gym bags for a great scent. They make great stocking stuffers! You can get them at

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    These are really cool! Great for your car too.


Books - There are AMAZING young adult books out there for any reader. If you're in the MN area, visit the Red Balloon bookshop on Grand, they can help you pick out fabulous books.

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    For the almost-to-college crowd might appreciate the less read classics (like Lolita) or poetry (Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton or Pablo Neruda) - if only to impress the girls.

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Warm fuzzy blankets & Pillows. We gave our 3 teens (10, 13, 17) these last year and I was amazed how much they loved them. We also hosted a teenager from Germany last year and she loved her's too.

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Teenagers are really hard to buy clothes for because they can be so picky, so a shopping spree is a great idea! If you're shopping for a girl, taking her to get a mani & pedi is a good idea I do that for my neices & they love it

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Teens/tweens...a great idea is get their closest friends and book a painting party order pizza and be the coolest mom. It will give you an opportunity to catch up while they enjoy their friends and some painting. Try this site


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